Orange bookstore chain participates in Bulgaria’s first “Reading Day”

Orange bookstore chain participates in Bulgaria’s first “Reading Day”
Orange bookstore chain participates in Bulgaria’s first “Reading Day”

The Orange bookstore chain joins the first “Reading Day” in Bulgaria – an initiative organized by the “Reading” foundation with the aim of presenting reading as a fundamental process for the development of functional literacy and creative thinking.

On November 22, Wednesday, 12 sites of the Orange bookstore chain in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv will provide dedicated reading corners where visitors will be able to touch the diverse world of books.

A large part of the editions were selected from the list of over 500 children’s titles prepared by the “Children’s Books” foundation within the framework of the “Reading – developing worlds” initiative.

“Our participation in the “Reading Day” is a natural continuation of our “Read – Expand Worlds” campaign, with which we want to encourage reading among adolescents. We believe that books are the key to expanding our horizons, to new knowledge and exciting worlds. Everyone who steps into Orange retail outlets will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different literary genres, discover their passion and share the joy of reading with us,” said Nia Arsenieva, executive director of the Orange bookstore chain.

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On November 22, between 16:00 and 18:00, the Orange bookstore chain will provide access to specially prepared reading corners, where visitors will have the opportunity to celebrate “Reading Day”.

The initiative is also suitable for families with young children, because Orange specialists will be available to advise parents on which books are appropriate for their age. The correct selection of quality publications for adolescents is one of the main topics within the “Reading – unfolding worlds” campaign.

The leading goal of the national initiative is to stimulate the reading of books, among children up to the age of 13, in response to the increasing functional illiteracy among the youth in our country.

In addition to inspiring and motivating children to venture into the world of books, the initiative has an additional mission – 10% of the sale of each book from the proposed list of over 500 children’s titles, carefully selected by specialists of the Children’s Books Foundation, will be donated to support of the foundation’s activities.

The full list of Orange sites where special reading corners will be organized on November 22 can be seen here.

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