Pencho Milkov with a firm position regarding the revised report on the assessment of the impact of the incinerator in Gyurghevo Shore News


“The civil society of Rousse is extremely sensitive and concerned about protecting the purity of the city’s atmospheric air, accordingly, it is uncompromising towards the implementation of projects related to the potential release of harmful emissions and impacts on the components of the environment and endangering people’s health.”

This is stated in the opinion of the mayor of the Municipality of Ruse Pencho Milkov regarding the revised and supplemented information on the environmental impact assessment report for the project related to the construction of an incinerator for hospital waste on the territory of the municipality of Giurgevo.

The letter is in response to a correspondence from the Ministry of Environment and Water, in which Minister Yulian Popov requested at the end of October from the Municipality of Ruse and RIOSV – Ruse to express an opinion on the subject.

Pencho Milkov categorically expresses his position regarding the intentions of the investor for the realization of the project, emphasizing that regardless of the correction made according to the EIA prepared for the project, the type and nature of the planned activity do not change in essence according to the investment proposal, respectively, the risk of releasing emissions into the atmospheric air in a cross-border context is not limited and/or minimized.

Last but not least, attention is paid to the fact that it is essential to monitor possible cross-border impacts at each stage of project implementation – from construction to the implementation of the activity, including the lawful operation of the installation in accordance with its technical parameters and the projections of the investment proposal.

You can see the full text of the letter here.

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