Sports infrastructure remains a priority for Plovdiv

Sports infrastructure remains a priority for Plovdiv
Sports infrastructure remains a priority for Plovdiv

For many years I have worked as an athlete, chairman of a sports club and federation, and I am no stranger to problems. In recent years, a lot has been done for sports in Plovdiv and the construction of the infrastructure has begun – two stadiums, one of which is almost finished, and “Lokomotiv” is being completed, the “Danube” hall must be completed, the hall in the courtyard of the Russian Gymnasium is completed , the construction of the 50-meter swimming pool next to the Mladost pool continues, the construction of a volleyball and basketball hall in the “Zapaden” area has begun. This will continue to happensaid in an interview on the program “Today” on Radio Plovdiv the new deputy mayor of Plovdiv with the department “Social activities, youth policies and sports” Nikolay Bukhalov. As a priority in his management, he also indicated the construction of sports halls in schools and the development of children’s and youth sports.

The former rowing competitor is the only Bulgarian athlete with two gold medals from the same Olympic Games. He was a councilor in the previous Plovdiv Municipal Council, and in the elections – in the list of coalition “United for Plovdiv” from the quota of “Cause Bulgaria”. Bukhalov noted that sport has brought great fame to Plovdiv and everyone who contributed to this can be seen in the walk of fame built at the Rowing Base.

There should be a categorization of sports clubs and increased control over the use of fundssaid the new deputy mayor.

Regarding the social activities that are in his portfolio, Bukhalov noted that the municipality has an expert team headed by Veselin Boteva and will help to maintain this team.

Bukhalov defined as manipulations the claims that the former deputy mayor Georgi Tityukov will manage again through him and added that he will rely on the support of the chairman of the local parliament – the long-time football referee Atanas Uzunov.

I have always started with enthusiasm, I hope for good resultsBukhalov said.

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