Enough of protecting the wild mob!

Enough of protecting the wild mob!
Enough of protecting the wild mob!

Football agitations are enemies of both democracy and football

Blaming the BFS for the sad state of Bulgarian football is like blaming the Union of Bulgarian Journalists because some publications are boring and unreadable. BFS is not a ministry of football, but something like a union of football clubs. And football clubs have their owners. Good, bad – it’s their business.

The sovereign of the BFS is the shareholders of these clubs, not the progressive public, nor football agitators, God forbid.

Some will jump in – but did you also start commenting on football! No, I’m not commenting on football at all, I’m commenting on the dangers to democracy and today’s capitalism, in which property is sacrosanct. That’s my job as a jack of all trades.

If we think about who and how these clubs were privatized when the state abdicated, we will easily explain why Bulgarians do not play in club championships and tournaments today. And why the leading in this sport is the trade in colored skins from the Third World, who are resold in Europe. The BFS cannot tell them who to put into play, nor can it impose on “Sopharma” what drugs to produce. This is market democracy.

Look, the appearances of football hooligans in political unrest is another thing. Here, the state and society are obliged to intervene, as they regularly shake the weak Bulgarian democracy.

Do you remember how the Parliament building was taken over several times, how the Party House was set on fire, how the MPs were besieged, beaten, pelted with cobblestones, eggs, tomatoes and football courtesies? Well, always the blades of these outrages were these same wonderful young people or “kids” as the radio ladies call them. And these kids always have tartars who report to some backstage.

It is time to tattoo on our brains that football campaigns are proven enemies of democracy. Thanks to them, every citizen’s protest can be turned into a hogwash – some “kids” come with stones in their pockets and the cultured multitude is transformed into a wild crowd of barbarians. As Gustave Lebon would also write,

the wildness of the crowd equals the wildest

her member

and the wildest are the soccer ultras. There are no wilder shots of the color revolutions than these. And this is regularly used by political directors in one direction or the other. To this day, many people are convinced that in 1990, the Party House was set on fire by ultras precisely with the aim of compromising the “City of Truth”, where some intellectuals supposedly snoozed elegantly in the tents, and it became what it became.

And what happened to it in Ukraine? It was the football ultras that turned cultural Euro-protests into bloody riots and a coup that physically destroyed the leading party. What kind of democracy next?

One such football agitator from Kharkiv barricaded and set fire to the trade union house in Odessa, and inside burned alive about 40-50 opponents of the Kyiv Maidan. And the escalation of hostilities began, thanks to which today Ukraine is devastated and it is not known whether it will survive. I’m not exonerating Putin or the aggression here, but if those wild mobs hadn’t been there in 2014, Ukraine would be peaceful, whole and democratic today. A wild crowd is nowhere the bearer of democracy. All color revolutions end badly. Their slogan is always “Get up and sit”.

Therefore, in my opinion, an intelligent and cultured footballer like Berbatov should not be endorsed and encouraged in any street demonstrations by any football fans in his fight for change in the BFS – they will only compromise him. Just look at what they do in the stadiums, after every match the seats are changed. What else do you expect to happen on the streets? If you want change – convince the owners of the clubs. Milko Balev is long gone.*

The new mayor should also not allow night demonstrations of football agitations, even if he is presented with a medical certificate of good faith and virginity.

Where and when, in the world and in our country, have there been peaceful and quiet marches of football agitations? There is no such animal!

I put it down to his inexperience, but I think asking him to resign is too much. No wonder that this was exactly the purpose of these “peaceful demonstrations” – to ask for his resignation.

But since all manifestations of Bulgarian democracy come down to demanding resignations,

now they are expected by policemen, ministers, and deputy. – ministers, from the entire government, from Bobi Mihailov, from coaches, referees, massage therapists, from whom not! The frenzy of resignations has infected the government, the opposition, football fans, NGOs, and the media. No, resignation is not the way to democracy. Before you fire him, you must earn the right to choose him.

If all resignation wishes are fulfilled at the same time, the next day we will wake up in the utopia of the Bogomils. Total anarchy and all women are common.

In fact, the cowardice of the state is to blame. The SDVR has warned the BFS from afar that riots are brewing. And since they were preparing from afar, it means that there was an organization, and organizers, and informers who reported to the police. Even then, the Ministry of the Interior should have applied the folk wisdom “Shut up the priest, let the village be peaceful”, but what can the poor man do – for 34 years, the ax of resignations hangs over his neck. And not only hangs, but often falls.

Truly democratic countries are not so timid. Take brotherly Britain, where football hooligans have taken things to the point where UEFA has banned English teams from European tournaments. Then Scotland Yard rolled up its sleeves, deployed dozens of undercover agents in the hooligan canvasses, gathered evidence and drove an entire double-decker trolleybus of the torturers into prison. Then he took the flyers on a short leash and the fans stank.

Now the SDVR knows who the organizer is, but it persists in order to hide evil under a rock. And it’s high time to announce it publicly! Society needs to learn who the conspirators are because this is ultimately a conspiracy against public order.

But I wouldn’t blame the police for the fight with the football hooligans on the night of the Hungary match itself. At war as at war.

What do the radio ladies want – the policemen to let the “kids” run amok? To set fire to all of Sofia?

Whose side are you on? Some media heroes were probably misled by the tradition that in our country democracy always starts from the yellow cobblestones.

They are deeply mistaken – democracy is the power of the people, not the cobblestones. Democracy is order, not anarchy.

Finally, I think it is

grossly unfair to make the characters out of

1994. culprits of the decline

of our national team. They are neither club owners nor oligarchs.

They are more like victims, because in our country the coaches change them like handkerchiefs. Surely they love this sport at least 100 times more than me and you, and most of all the football campaigners in the streets.


*For the younger ones: Milko Balev was a member of the Politburo who actively managed football in the 1980s.

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