A prosecutor introduced Ruse students to the topic of child abuse

A prosecutor introduced Ruse students to the topic of child abuse
A prosecutor introduced Ruse students to the topic of child abuse

Vasil Gospodinov spoke about criminal responsibility, hooliganism of minors and their consequences

Vasil Gospodinov – prosecutor in the District Prosecutor’s Office – Ruse, submitted lecture on the topic “Children’s violence (aggression at school). Criminal liability of minors. Hooliganism of minors and consequences. Educational measures for children in case of anti-social acts, ways and places of their application” before students from the 10th grade of the Secondary School of European Languages ​​”St. Konstantin-Kyril the Philosopher” in the city of Ruse.

During lectureso the magistrate introduced studentsthey with the powers of prosecutora. He explained to them which persons are criminally responsible and how the punishments stipulated in the Criminal Code are determined in relation to minor perpetrators of crimes. Prosecutorthe explained to studentswhat is the crime under Art. 325 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism) and what are the differences between it and the administrative violations under the Decree on Combating Petty Hooliganism and under the Law on Preservation of Public Order in Sports Events. Studentsthey were also familiar with specific cases on which the ECtHR had ruled.

The topic has caused extreme interest among studentsthem. They raised topical questions about where the line is between peaceful protest and hooliganism during a protest. Prosecutor Mr. Gospodinov answered the questions on the available for studentsthey language and gave specific examples.

Lectureit is part of the Educational Program “The Judiciary – informed choice and civil trust. Open courts and prosecutor’s offices”, which is aimed at studentswith the aim of forming legal literacy and culture, compliance with laws, limiting negative patterns of behavior, building trust in the judiciary.

In the academic year 2023/2024 District Prosecutor’s Office-Ruse will continue to raise the legal culture of adolescents by giving lectures in schools and on other attractive topics and welcoming students in the building of the Courthouse in the city of Ruse.

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