16 community centers will receive a municipal subsidy

16 community centers will receive a municipal subsidy
16 community centers will receive a municipal subsidy

This year, 16 community centers will receive a municipal subsidy. This became clear during today’s meeting of the Commission for the distribution of state and municipal subsidies to community centers from the municipality of Sliven with representatives of cultural centers. A total of BGN 26,000 from the municipal budget will be distributed among the community centers, depending on the funding projects submitted by them. Some of them are related to exhibitions, a project for a music workshop, creative workshops for children, the purchase of lighting equipment, a sound system, equipping the costumes of improvised ensembles, organizing and holding concerts.

During today’s meeting, all 23 funding projects submitted by the community centers were discussed and reviewed. Of these, 16 will be financially supported, 4 were postponed to the next time, and 3 were rejected.

Deputy the mayor Pepa Chilikova, who is also the chairman of the Commission for distribution of subsidies to the community centers, expressed hope that in the next four years, the work of the cultural actors, in partnership with the Municipality, will be even more fruitful.

“I believe that we will be able to realize future joint projects and events. You are guardians of Bulgarian traditions. The leadership of the Municipality is open to your proposals, your ideas, vision and events to organize together”, assured Pepa Chilikova.

For the fourth year now, cultural centers have received financial stimulation from the Municipality of Sliven. According to Mayor Stefan Radev, the financial support will open up more opportunities for the community centers to develop and perform, to upgrade their creativity and creative thinking.

At today’s meeting, the addition to the state subsidy, which is under the line of the Council of Ministers, was distributed. It is in the amount of BGN 68,120.

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