Another victim of the rapist from Sliven: I had no choice, he cut my neck, throat, arm


Cutting with knives, threats and beating – another victim of the rapist from Sliven appeared before bTV. Following revelations by a 19-year-old girl that she was raped by the 55-year-old man for nearly a year, a woman said she was abducted from his home. She has already given a statement to the police.

During the day she does not leave the house, and at night she dreams of being beaten.

She meets him outside a medical center while he is waiting for an examination. The man told her that everything would be fine and she trusted him. They go to his house, he locks it and starts talking and beating.

“Whatever he said, I did because I had no other choice. He had cut me – here, on the throat, with a knife. Because I didn’t agree that he kidnapped me, I didn’t want to be with him,” says the 23-year-old woman.

He cuts her with a knife and on the neck, on the arm.

“When I didn’t want to eat, he beat me again, shouted, ‘You deliberately don’t want to eat, to die and to be imprisoned for life,'” says the victim.

“I found a phone to call the police, but he caught me and beat me. Where he boiled, there he hit. He always carried a gun with him,” she said.

While she is kidnapped and in the kidnapper’s home, another victim is also locked there.

“He gave us a bucket to defecate and I said to the girl – ‘Help me, he kidnapped me, but she told me she was in the same situation – and he was blackmailing her too,'” says the woman.

After a month under lock and key, she managed to escape. The man remains in custody on charges of fornication and rape. He could face two to eight years in prison.

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