They built two new playgrounds and a street fitness area in Razgrad – Razgrad

They built two new playgrounds and a street fitness area in Razgrad – Razgrad
They built two new playgrounds and a street fitness area in Razgrad – Razgrad

The construction of two playgrounds and a playground is being completed street fitness in Razgrad.

“They are built after running by the Municipality of Razgrad on a public procurement with the subject “SMR of sports grounds and grounds of recreation and entertainment facilities for the needs of the Municipality of Razgrad by specific positions”. There are three designated positions, for each of the sites, and it is determined by all three. The total estimated value of the three sites was BGN 114,918.13 without VAT,” the municipality notes.

At the end of last week, the devices were installed on the outdoor fitness area, they are already actively used by residents of Razgrad.

There are 8 devices: combined fitness device – ergometer and bench; back trainer; double shoulder trainer; double cross-trainer; combined fitness device – waist and leg trainer; combined fitness equipment – bicycle ergometer, hip and arm trainer; combined sports device 1 – Swedish wall for outdoor and 2 pcs. sunbeds; Combined Sports Equipment 2 – Crossfit Station for Street Fitness Kit – Barbells of Different Heights, Parallel Bar, Swedish Wall, Push Up Stand, Horizontal Ladder with Long Bars for More Exercises, 45 Degree Ladder and 4 Pc. rings. The site has a shock-absorbing surface, and benches are placed next to it.

Today, the children’s facilities were also installed on the other two playgrounds.

On the site to the right of the official entrance to the North City Park, 7 swing, slide, climb, spin and role-playing equipment were placed on a shock-absorbing surface. They are in bright colors and shapes, suitable for entertaining children from 0 to 3 years old, for whom the playground is intended. There are turtle, whale and chameleon shaped gear. 6 new benches and trash cans have been installed near the site.

The children’s playground near the basketball court and block 12 in the “Orel” housing complex is for slightly older children – from 3 to 12 years old. There are finishing works on it – placing a part of the shock-absorbing flooring, as well as a fence around the site. Four facilities were installed at the site today – a combination facility, a scale, a bounce house and a swing, as well as benches and bins.

Municipality of Razgrad wishes happy games to the children who will use the playgrounds and successful sports activities to people interested in fitness. The local authority is appealing for the new facilities to be preserved so they can be used for longer and by more people. In the event of encroachment on the facilities, we urge you to call 112, and in the event of a technical malfunction, call 084 618 186.

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