The library in Montana invites you to meet the writer

The library in Montana invites you to meet the writer
The library in Montana invites you to meet the writer

21.11.2023 17:00

“Geo Milev” Regional Library-Montana invites you to a meeting with the writer – narrator of “tales from the Northwest”, a native of the city of Berkovitsa, Borislav Kostov.
On November 23, 2023 /Thursday/ at 5:00 p.m., he will present his book “Naked Nine, a Pair of Popes and Square Undertakers” with illustrations by Violeta Belcheva, a two-time participant in the Biennale of Bulgarian Illustration in 2018 and 2020.
The book contains 36 stories about the past and the present, collected in 200 pages of color printing, which will lead you to the real and the fictional.
Borislav Kostov graduated from the German high school in Lovech and higher education at UNSS (VII “Karl Marx”) – Sofia. He works successfully in the field of poetry and prose. He is the author of monographs dedicated to the dissident writer Georgi Markov, the poet Peño Penev and the football legend Georgi Asparuhov – Gundi. He is the winner of awards from national competitions for Sycamore poetry, love lyrics, humor and satire. A curious fact in the biography of Borislav Kostov is that he is the prototype of one of the characters from the cult Bulgarian film “Yesterday”, whose script was written by the famous writer Vlado Daverov, his friend and classmate from the German high school in Lovech.
“Forty years ago I moved away from the Northwest, but I kept it deep inside me. There, my closest people remained silent…There remained my gratitude that I breathed with the majestic mountain, bathed my gaze in the non-stop running of the Danube and transferred the words of my heart onto the white sheet. Forty years and about as many books of mine remain in them the traces of poetry and prose. In many of these books, the theme of the native region is reflected in the literary expression, my heroes are dressed in the clothes of fictional and real images, the word order “thunders” with the bizarre local dialect, and behind it peeks the good-natured face of the northwestern Andreshko, or the pain of condemned timelessness at these latitudes. After a series of journalistic articles, after my books “Town with raspberry breath”, “Northwest, my Northwest”, “Ox for Ox” and “Tales from the Northwest”, I am again returning to my friends and readers. On November 23 in Montana and on November 24 in Berkovitsa, I will present my latest book of funny and sad stories, “Nude Nine, a Couple of Priests and a Square Undertaker”. Many of the characters are local authentic personalities in authentic scenes of my childhood and later years, which passed like a swift river, and left not only pebbles, but gold-bearing sand from the native land.
There are many poets and writers who have been my teachers, there are many wonderful thoughts in their works, but for now I feel the excitement of that: “To return to the father’s house…”

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