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A salary in an envelope damages the budget by over BGN 300 million per year

A salary in an envelope damages the budget by over BGN 300 million per year
A salary in an envelope damages the budget by over BGN 300 million per year

Over BGN 300 million a year is the damage to the budget from a salary in an envelope, according to the “Risk Management” Directorate of the National Revenue Agency. A dozen years ago, this amount was more than BGN 400 million, but thanks to the measures taken by the NRA and various economic factors, it has shrunk to about BGN 100 million, the Agency’s office in Haskovo specifies.

The riskiest sectors in which part or all of the remuneration is paid “under the table” are in wholesale and retail trade, construction, hotels and restaurants. The biggest losers from the undeclared income remain the employees who are insured at a lower than the real amount of their salary and thus are deprived of a number of insurance rights. The NRA office in Haskovo explains that they can calculate their losses using the website’s calculator: www.zaplatavplik.bgby entering the salary on which they are insured and the one they actually receive.

“If a worker actually receives BGN 1,500, but his employer provides him with the minimum wage, the loss for the employee in the next 30 years is nearly BGN 109,000. This amount includes the pension, as well as maternity and unemployment benefits, from which deprived the employee. In addition, he loses the opportunity to benefit from the full amount of the higher tax deductions for children, since they are calculated on the salary on which the individuals are insured”, commented experts from the Directorate “Risk Management” in the National Revenue Agency.

To make workers aware of the risks they take if they agree to insure themselves on less than their actual income, the revenue agency launched a “Salary in an Envelope” campaign. It emphasizes the benefits to society of voluntary declaration and payment of taxes and social security contributions, as well as the damage caused by unscrupulous behavior.

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