Driver masturbates in his car in front of spectators,…

A Plovdiv man was caught masturbating in his car. The outrageous scenes took place in the Trakia quarter. Residents nearby noticed what he was doing and reported it to the police. This led to a fine imposed by the District Court in Plovdiv.

The driver lives with his family – wife and adult daughter in
an apartment in “Trakia”, as he does not have a permanent job. Catches at various locations hourly. She has an older daughter who lives separately with her husband. His younger one
daughter works and supports herself.

The driver caught in the act has elderly parents to care for. The main income in the family is the salary of his wife, who works.

On the afternoon of May 25 this year, he was in his car, far from home. He stopped in a more secluded place and started masturbating. Two people who lived nearby saw what he was doing and called 112.

A police patrol was on the spot, an inspection was carried out, and in the end, the prosecutor’s office refused to initiate pre-trial proceedings.

In any case, the man from Plovdiv was brought before the court. Magistrates described the masturbation as petty mischief. The driver expressed regret for his actions and asked for a light punishment – a small fine.

The court ordered him to pay a BGN 100 fine under the Decree on Combating Petty Hooliganism – the minimum fine.

The reasons for the amount of the punishment state that the driver has a clean criminal record, expresses regret for what he has done, has good characteristic data – missing
criminal activities, he is involved in family matters. In addition, the court takes into account his material difficulties
situation and that he is supported by his wife’s income.

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