Bulgaria loses at least BGN 250 million per month from the Lukoil scheme

Bulgaria loses at least BGN 250 million per month from the Lukoil scheme
Bulgaria loses at least BGN 250 million per month from the Lukoil scheme

He reminded that he and his colleagues from DB revealed and presented in the 47th National Assembly the scheme according to which “Litasco” stands at the entrance and exit of the Burgas refinery, just like “Multigroup” at the time. “Then, however, we did not receive support in the parliament. The draining of Neftokhima from “Litasco” does not allow gasoline at gas stations to be cheaper,” said Mirchev.

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“If we are in the administration, we must be in front of the NRA and in front of the Ministry of Finance, and not make live inclusions from beaches and thermal power plants, we must really behave like people who were in the administration and have a very clear request what we want to do in the next administration”, said Mirchev, clarifying that this is not a criticism of “Continuing the change”, which made a few days ago lively inclusions near the Rosenets port, from where Russian oil arrives for Lukoil. Mirchev reminded that he and his colleagues from “Yes Bulgaria” held actions in Rosenets 2 years ago, because they were an extra-parliamentary party. “We went to Rosenets because we had no other tool then, we were not in the parliament, there was nothing we could do to influence the politicians. We filed a lawsuit for the revision acts of Lukoil, we took various initiatives”, Mirchev added.

Regarding the gas crisis, the politician stated that now the most important task is to provide gas and prepare compensations for businesses and households. According to him, the caretaker government can prepare the compensation scheme and have it voted on by the new parliament immediately. The previous administration ensured high energy compensations, but the prices were also lower then.

Ivaylo Mirchev stated that “Democratic Bulgaria” is categorically against returning to supplies under the contract with “Gazprom”, because in this way we will suffer triple damage. First, we will lose the arbitration for billions for the gas stopped by Gazprom, because if we now agree to pay in rubles, then we could have done it even if we had given up. Second, gas from Gazprom is not cheap – the latest example is Hungary, which pays dearly for Russian gas only. Third, Putin can turn the faucet on us again and we will be without supplies – this morning France dawned without gas.

The politician criticized the words of Energy Minister Rosen Hristov, who visited the BNT studio before him, who said that there is no way to influence the gas traders in Greece and ensure the missing free slots from which we can get liquefied gas. “If a minister is a real statesman, he will not just go to Greece and Turkey to secure slots, he will sleep at the entrance of the door of the Greek gas operator or the minister’s door in Greece and secure slots. Instead, we refuse 6 tankers”, Mirchev was indignant. And he added that the terminal in Revitusa in Greece has already been doubled and it cannot be argued that there are no slots.

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“The behavior of the official cabinet aims to make us dependent on Gazprom”, concluded Ivaylo Mirchev. And he reminded that “Democratic Bulgaria” stands for the cause of Bulgaria being geopolitically independent, as part of this independence is energy independence. For this purpose, the gas should not come from one or two suppliers, not only from Russia or only from the US, but from 10 sources, the politician said.

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