BSP took a right turn. Reached out for power

BSP took a right turn. Reached out for power
BSP took a right turn. Reached out for power

The most possible option for the BSP is to once again participate in a coalition government with “Continuing the Change” and “Democratic Bulgaria”. Prof. Rumen Gechev from BSP said this in the studio of “Denyat na zivo” on NOVA NEWS.

“The choice of the left to govern together with PP and DB was correct. The other alternative was for GERB and DPS to remain in power. Processes of change have begun in very difficult conditions with very difficult partners. What we managed to do as positives in the socio-economic sphere, despite our foreign-political differences, is that we managed to increase pensions by BGN 167 in 6 months, which is more than in the 12-year period of GERB’s administration . We managed to increase people’s incomes, introduce social protection measures. We achieved good economic results. The economic growth of Bulgaria in the first 6 months was 4.8%”, said Gechev.

According to him, representatives of the office are actively participating in the election campaign. This happened through personnel changes.

“There is no doubt that the BSP was attacked by the presidential institution. The left cannot be held responsible for the fact that we failed to form a cabinet at the third attempt. It is obvious that the presidential institution and GERB-DPS are conducting a coordinated attack against PP and BSP”, explained Gechev.

According to him, the BSP is in good shape for the elections. “We have organized the structures, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Our actions in the field of the Bulgarian economy are visible from all over Bulgaria. We ensured peace of mind for the Bulgarian families. The future management will depend on how Bulgaria will deal with the severe challenges this winter”, explained the BSP representative.

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