We must present Bulgaria in the best possible way

We must present Bulgaria in the best possible way
We must present Bulgaria in the best possible way

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Nasya Dimitrovawho is one of the leaders of the national women’s volleyball team of Bulgaria, comments on the upcoming World Cup.

“Each of the girls strives to achieve their best form. I hope to present ourselves at a good level, to represent Bulgaria in the best possible way. Let’s get the most out of every match and get as far ahead as possible,” said Nasya Dimitrova.

She spoke to the BFF ahead of the two controls against Poland on Friday and Saturday.

We are still at the beginning of the preparations. We did three controls against the extremely strong rival Italy. We saw our strengths and weaknesses. There’s still a lot more to build on during the build-up. Now we have two controls against Poland and I hope we show a good face there as well. Each of the returning girls has tremendous experience and will contribute to the better game. I do not belittle the work of young people. They did great in the VNL. May we be stronger” she commented.

It is very hard for me to accept this loss. I had high expectations for them. They are young guys hungry to win every game. I thought they were going to show character, lion face. They must have problems in the team, maybe health problems. I have no idea. But it’s hard for me that they fell”Dimitrova shared about the men’s national team’s loss to Mexico.

We understood his (Lorenzo Micelli’s) philosophy. There is a lot to improve according to his requirements and hopefully our work will show in the world championshipshe added.

A this is what Nikolay Zhelyazkov said after the collapse of our men’s national team at the World Cup.

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