If you are in Plovdiv, don’t miss the “Kaleidosko…

“Kaleidoscope of emotions” starts today at the Autumn Salon of Arts in Plovdiv – with diverse, multi-genre, creative, provocative and engaging cultural events. This year, the special host of the opening is AMTII “Prof. Asen Diamandiev” in partnership with the “Culture” Department of the Municipality of Plovdiv, the “Art and Education” Consortium, the State Opera-Plovdiv and the State Puppet Theater-Plovdiv.

The official launch unites 5 different locations in the center, each of which will host several performances of different genres and styles. To make the evening long and interesting, the events will be repeated at certain intervals. Thus, the audience and performers will be able to move freely and choose moments and creative messages – a kind of kaleidoscope of emotions.

The start is at 19:00 at the Roman Stadium, where after the greetings of the organizers, a musical “battle” begins, in which tenors and baritones, graduates of AMTII – Plovdiv, but uniting continents, will present the power of centuries and voices. The magic of music between opera performances will be complemented by virtuoso trumpet pieces.

A fun, educational and interactive spectacle-procession of the State Puppet Theater-Plovdiv and Association “Two are few – three are many” will take over the main one with “Pedestrian Zone” and will lead young and old on a journey from the Roman Stadium to the stairs of “Kamenitsa” . There, the melody of classical guitars and the magical accordion will tell tales of different lands and legends.

Stefan Stambolov Square is the other stage – there the audience will enjoy the impressive compilation of flute, double bass and folk jazz.

The wonderful new and already favorite space of the people of Plovdiv – Forum “Zapad”, will be the “home” of the Plovdiv Opera, which will captivate the listeners with the tenderness of the harp and oboe duo.

In the Vienna Pavilion in the Tsar-Simeon Garden, the performances of the folklore groups of AMTII will be heard.

Tonight at the Summer Theater is also the concert of Stefan Valdobrev and “The Usual Suspects”.

Read more about the events in Plovdiv today in the best cultural guide “Maritsa” Directory.

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