OVERVIEW: Road repairs in Plovdiv start tomorrow, the College will be ready by the end of the year

A 28-year-old Ukrainian man has been charged by the District Prosecutor’s Office-Plovdiv for refugee trafficking. The man has the status of temporary protection in our country and is charged because on August 30, in the village of Karnare, in order to obtain property benefits for himself, he illegally helped foreigners – 9 Syrians – to stay and cross the country in violation of the law. They were traveling in a Ford Transit car, and there was also a 13-year-old boy in the group.

They caught a group of migrants near Plovdiv, the driver was arrestedThe driver is a Ukrainian with the status of temporary protection in our country

Refugees drive refugees! Ukrainians entered migrant trafficking schemesThe cases in which Ukrainians with temporary status transport men who crossed the border illegally are becoming more frequent

More than two and a half years have passed since the ostentatious murder out of jealousy in the Stolipinovo market. Today, the case went to court and Rumen Alexandrov, nicknamed Kasper, appeared before the magistrates in a preliminary hearing.

More than two years after the apparent murder out of jealousy in Stolipinovo, Kasper stood before the courtMitko Ivanov died on the spot from acute blood loss after being stabbed in the neck

They detained a man after a beating in Kapana. Around 4:40 a.m. on Saturday, a man from Plovdiv complained to the police that after being beaten by a stranger in the “Kapana” district, he was injured. The victim was given medical assistance. In the case, pre-trial proceedings were initiated and an investigation was immediately launched.

They beat a man in Kapana, the bully – 29 years old

The PIMK company, which is building the Hristo Botev stadium, provided clarity regarding the construction of the facility. It is clear from the statement that from January Botev’s team will be able to play at “College”, and the entire visor will be ready at the end of March.

Botev has been back at the College since January, the whole visor ready at the end of March“PIMK” company with details about the construction of the stadium

The Municipality of Plovdiv has launched an auction for the four tennis courts at the Rowing Base and the two dressing rooms attached to them. Until recently, they were managed by TK “Akademik” 83, but the sports club no longer holds the courts after the death of the president Dimitar Tanev.

They rent the tennis courts of “Akademik” at the Rowing Base for BGN 200 per monthThe Municipality of Plovdiv launched a tender for the four playing fields and the two changing rooms

Georgi Velev was dismissed from the post of director of the Basin Directorate “Eastern White Sea Region”. He announced the news himself on his Facebook profile.

They released the head of the Basin Directorate in PlovdivThe news was announced by Georgi Velev himself on his Facebook profile

Renovations in Plovdiv are starting. Due to the starting reconstruction of Hadji Dimitar Blvd., the southern lane in the section from Tsarevets St. to the intersection with Lerin St. and Bagra St. is closed for the period from September 1 to November 30, OP “Organization” informs and transport control’.

It begins! They are closing part of a key boulevard in Plovdiv for 3 months4 bus routes with route changes

Huge piles of boxes and construction waste pile up every day at the exit of the underground parking lot of the new residential complex “Tomov Plaza” in the railway station “Trakia”. An outraged owner sent us photos showing a mountain of packaging from furniture and electrical appliances that apparently hadn’t been cleared for months.

Rooms of waste are piling up near the containers of “Tomov Plaza”! Who will clean them?New-home residents are worried about a fire, there is already a fine for illegal garbage disposal

Buses on line #10 of the city transport become regular again. After for months the route schedule was not fulfilled in accordance with the requirements of the municipality of Vom, from September 1 the line is taken over by another carrier – “Meritrans-2002”.

The ghost line of Plovdiv is coming back to life, another carrier has taken itThe line is taken over by another carrier

The Plovdiv District Court fined a man caught masturbating in his car in Trakia with BGN 100. He is accused of petty hooliganism, characterized by an indecent display, with which public order and tranquility are disturbed.

A man from Plovdiv was fined for petty hooliganism, masturbating in his car in TrakiaHis actions were noticed by passers-by who were outraged and worried

The Central Electoral Commission is holding a draw to determine the numbers of parties and coalitions on the ballot for the October 2 election.

The CEC withdrew the numbers of the parties for the elections, a scandal broke outJulian Angelov from VMRO was removed from the National Security Service

The parties after the draw: Some see a sign in the numbers, others do not rely on numerology

Boyko Borisov predicts that “We continue the change” will not come second in the upcoming elections, but will be much lower.

Borisov: ITN will enter, “Vazrazhdane” will overtake PPThe former prime minister is adamant that there will be no coalition between GERB and DPS

Here are estimates of what the vote would have been if the election had been held this week:

At the threshold of the campaign: GERB leads with 5% ahead of “Promyanata”, DPS and “Vazrazhdane” on the scalesThe research is done by Trend agency.

Russia has stopped the supply of gas through the Nord Stream pipeline, Russian and Western news agencies reported.

Natural gas supplies have dropped to zero cubic meters per hour, the German side emphasized. “Gazprom” announced yesterday that it is completely stopping the supply due to a planned repair of a compressor station. However, according to Europe, Moscow is using natural gas as an economic weapon.

Russia shuts down Nord Stream gasThe Kremlin pointed to economic measures from the West as the reason

The domestic producer price index increased by 56.0% compared to July 2021. By definition, a similar growth of over 50% is hyperinflation. Price growth was registered in: the production and distribution of electricity and heat energy and gas – by 101.6%, the processing industry – by 31.4%, and the mining industry – by 4.7%.

Hyperinflation at producer prices in BulgariaConsumer price inflation follows the trend

The article is in bulgaria

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