I don’t think that “Change” will be a second political force. “Revival” will beat them

I don’t think that “Change” will be a second political force. “Revival” will beat them
I don’t think that “Change” will be a second political force. “Revival” will beat them

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We do not believe that the former rulers can carry out judicial reform. The law and the system must work together, no matter who is on top. Judicial reform consists in being dependent only and only on the law and the system, not on the person. This was stated before MGERB Boyko Borisov, who introduced some of the new youth in the party.

“I didn’t hear our political opponents talk about the judicial reform under Rashkovski, is it the one that when the deputy prime minister on national TV threatens all of you with 5 years in prison? What is he – a judge, a prosecutor? Is the judicial reform that you accuse MGERB that they raised the price of oil and gasoline, not only in Europe, America, but on other planets?

We need to work on the topic of judicial reform and be strong, because we found out to our colleagues from Democratic Bulgaria what their judicial reform is – you give Boyko Rashkov to be a policeman, prosecutor and judge, and anyone who opposes them – goes to prison,” he said. Borisov.

“For a year and a half, they destroyed business. Business must be protected, not compensated. As a result of Kiril Petkov’s government, over 160% of money enters the Russian Federation from Bulgaria according to NSI data. They destroyed business to serve the interests of Gazprom, Lukoil. When the facts speak and the Euro-Atlanticians are silent. I would have done it differently – first we secure the tankers and then jump to Gazprom,” he added.

“Everyone was scared when the acting Minister of Finance said that for the next budgets a new debt of 15 billion will be needed. Only then did they begin to explain what should and should not be done. Asen Vassilev makes three budgets and new and new ones loans, withdrawals, which we then pay.

Well, this is what Rumen Radev’s management model has led to for the last year and a half – parties that ruined everything. Investments – where are they? You raise pensions with loans, but where is your working economy? The country is in a severe crisis.

Every opposition voted against the budget, but not us, because we think about the state. It’s good that the people’s representatives in the 47th National Assembly, one year after we told them how to put a ceiling on the current for businesses, did it. Because if it hadn’t happened, even this hotel we are in now wouldn’t have been able to survive,” said the GERB leader.

“I have been waiting for a year and a half, according to Radev’s model, to see how it is being built.

We have heard thousands of exercises. But in the end they were proud of the fact that they stopped the construction of the “Struma” highway, the “Hemus” highway, the “Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo” highway, the “Botevgrad-Mezdra” road.

What happened in a year and a half.. Harassment. Bullying me, GERB people. My PR. Today they said that everything is in order in the tax returns. Who will pay for our health and nerves while a man appeared on TV and threatened every day with illegal arrests. That was the first step, and what is the second? This same one expects when we come to power to repress and harass in the same way. This is not a prosperous country. This is not my country. My country is different. And on the highest authority of the building it is written that “Combination makes strength”.

It is very important whether President Radev will hold fair elections and whether he will not let those of Democratic Bulgaria once again be in control of the codes. As much as I heard the DB colleagues squealing, now I think they might be honest.

I don’t think they will be second “We continue the change”.

Revivals are on the rise. But we think we will win, but the voice of the people, the voice of God. We will see after the elections,” Borissov said.

“We are used to governing ourselves with support. The people will determine who will be with whom. And the first party was elected to lead, not to support, that’s why we say to our voters: “We will make every effort to form a stable government. “But I cannot say with whom we will form a coalition, there are different formulas. Of the ones so far that have a chance to enter, we have only allied with DB.

But we’ll see – ITN might come in, Stefan Yanev. The patriots may come in, and then we may speak with those we have worked with. But let the people have their say.

It is not right to accept the thesis that 70 million will be thrown like that for elections and then there will be more. We must work towards the well-being of the state, because then when the new caretaker government comes, it will not have any means to get our country out of the crises. An example is that the Recovery Plan is not yet in force in our country. And without a political stable, there is no way to change the laws that the previous rulers had to bring in so that we could be compensated. The plan should help the business become more innovative.

Politics is not war, kill destroy the other. It is a struggle of ideas for the people to recognize. GERB’s biggest problem in the last 12 years was that we had no opposition – a tiny BSP and DB. And 12 years after the new rulers came – well, they didn’t see – neither expertise nor opportunities, they started stealing and the problems don’t stop. The opposition is important, a guarantor against corruption. Nobody can come to an agreement with the opposition,” added Boyko Borisov.

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