There are no deviations in the quality of drinking …

Yesterday, published a reader alert, in which a Plovdiv woman from the “Zapaden” region showed how a water filter installed on the plumbing pipes in the apartment turned from snow-white to black as coal in six days. According to the filter’s manufacturing specification, it traps particles of silt, sand and rust and should be replaced every three to six months. In her case, a replacement was required within a week due to accumulated dirt. The woman rhetorically asks: “What kind of water flows from the taps in Plovdiv to get here?”.

Waterworks-Plovdiv immediately reacted to the publication. From there they emphasized that “the control over the quality of drinking water is carried out by the LIK of the company and independently of the laboratory of RZI-Plovdiv. There are no established deviations from the controlled indicators for the quality of drinking water”. However, the company also admitted another hypothesis – after accidents in the outdated water transmission network and the internal installations of the buildings, it is possible for solid impurities to appear in isolated sections for a certain time. “However, to claim that this is permanent is not correct and not true. We remain available to our subscribers in case of reports to carry out extraordinary sampling for physico-chemical analysis. We call on the citizens of Plovdiv and the region not to succumb to suggestions from incorrectly submitted information, padded with photographic material of unknown origin,” the water company also states

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