Why did we choose new elections over a new children’s hospital?

Why did we choose new elections over a new children’s hospital?
Why did we choose new elections over a new children’s hospital?

The fourth early parliamentary elections will cost us, the taxpayers, the sum of BGN 70.5 million. According to the caretaker government, the necessary funds will be provided at the expense of “restructuring of expenses and/or transfers under the central budget for 2022”.

Maybe this amount seems significant only to me, so I made a study of what the state could do with 70 million.

The debate about a national children’s hospital has been raised many times. For 43 years we have been waiting for a medical facility to treat children in need from all over the country. A center that, in addition to specialized treatment, will provide training and work for medical specialists. The plan-account for the implementation of this project is nearly BGN 100 million. Unfortunately, 70% of the amount will be given to the caretaker government for elections!

Let’s make a comparison with “Bulgarian Christmas”. Supported by donors and partners, the charity initiative in 2020/2021 raised funds in the amount of BGN 1,850,000. The presidential institution will need 38 campaigns to raise a similar amount and help treat children or purchase medical equipment. Instead, the amount will be spent in 2 months, for elections!

If we have an extra 70 million BGN, should we provide it to the NHIF for the treatment of children abroad? About 200 children are approved annually, and those in need are over 1,000. While the parents of these children collect enormous funds for treatment, non-governmental organizations collect caps and aluminum jars for incubators,

Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic, and I believe that in these early elections the people will vote for a democratic majority that will exercise control and respond to the citizens’ agenda. A majority of concentrated reformist forces is needed to withstand parliamentary opposition and the power-hungry presidential institution. This is the only way we can stop the destructive forces that will bring us into new unwanted early elections, for another 70 million BGN.

Author: Kristina Merdjanova, part of the civil association “The Dignity of a Nation – DEN”.

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