“I mean we’re going to blow you up and I’m going to shoot you”

“I mean we’re going to blow you up and I’m going to shoot you”
“I mean we’re going to blow you up and I’m going to shoot you”

A resident of Dupni will pay BGN 1,000 to a neighbor for threatening to kill him. The district court ruled Il. I. to pay the amount to N.N. for the non-property damages caused to him, expressed in a justified fear for his life and health, both for him and his family. The reality of committing the murder was not impossible or hypothetical for him, but in view of the bullets fired and the threats to kill him, it was quite real.

The two men were neighbors and their yard is separated by a wire fence. Their relationship deteriorated and quarrels arose between them.

On July 12, 2017, Il. I., clearly intoxicated, was sitting in a gazebo in his yard and examining his recently purchased gas pistol. At the same time, in the garage, which was located in the front part of the twin house owned by N., he and two friends were repairing his car. N. went to his workshop, which was located in the yard, and passing by the wire fence, near Il.’s gazebo, he shouted at him, accusing him of stealing his ladder. N. replied that the ladder was his and he had nothing to return. Then Ill. threatened N. with the words: “I will blow you up and shoot you” and fired a shot with the gas pistol. N. got scared, ran into the garage to warn his friends not to go out and called 112.

Officials of the RU – Dupnitsa arrived on the scene, to whom the shooter voluntarily handed over his gas pistol.
About the threat to kill Ill. received a sentence of 7 months suspended with 3 years probation.

After the court’s decision, NN filed a claim for BGN 5,000 against his neighbor for compensation for the non-property damages caused, and the court decided to receive BGN 1,000.

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