A young man lies to his girlfriend because of a gambling addiction

A young man lies to his girlfriend because of a gambling addiction
A young man lies to his girlfriend because of a gambling addiction

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Kalin Todorov repented in the courtroom

A man who was awarded by the government for his part in preventing a serious crime has now come under the law himself, a reporter told Plovdiv24.bg. In 2006, Kalin Todorov received a plaque from the then Minister of the Interior, Rumen Petkov, and Vera, he received a sentence from the Plovdiv District Court.

The 37-year-old man was charged with two charges that on 30.12.2020 in Plovdiv, under the conditions of a continuing crime, he ordered payments to betting sites a total of 13 times, using the bank card of his then girlfriend Radina M. The total amount appropriated is BGN 5,770.

In addition, Kalin Todorov, who has been living in Plovdiv for 15 years, was accused of having aroused and misled his girlfriend in order to obtain a property benefit for himself. He explained that the amount in question of BGN 5,770 was illegally withdrawn from the betting sites and that in order to return it to Radina, several bets must be made. He explained that he had filed a lawsuit in a Plovdiv court for the recovery of the money, but for it to be resolved in their favor, through a lawyer, bribes must be paid to judges, jurors and prosecutors. With this, Kalin caused property damage in the amount of BGN 30,294.

Yesterday, in court, he fully admitted his guilt and asked for the case to be closed according to the abbreviated procedure. He pointed out that he and Radina are in constant telephone contact and have already agreed to pay her back 550 BGN per month. So far, Kalin has returned only BGN 2,350.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I know I have gambling problems, but I’m determined not to give in anymore. The road is long, but I’ll try. I’m already seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist. My boss is aware of the case and even gave me an additional job so that I can have a higher salary and be able to pay off my debt faster,” Kalin Todorov, who currently works in a Plovdiv restaurant, stated in the courtroom.

In the end, he received a 2-year suspended sentence, with a 4-year probationary period, as well as a fine of BGN 500.

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