Bulgaria took 20th place at the `22 Volleyball World Cup

Bulgaria took 20th place at the `22 Volleyball World Cup
Bulgaria took 20th place at the `22 Volleyball World Cup

The Bulgarian national volleyball team ranks 20th in the final ranking of the world championships in Poland and Slovenia. This became clear after playing all the matches of the group phase and forming the pairs for the 1/8 finals.

In their group C in Katowice, Nikolay Zhelyazkov’s selection suffered three losses – against the champion and co-host Poland (0:3), against the finalist in the League of Nations USA (0:3) and against the total outsider Mexico (2:3).

Thanks to the point won in the final match, our team saved itself from an even more unenviable position among the 24 participants. Only the teams of Qatar, Puerto Rico, Cameroon and China performed worse than our volleyball players, which finished with zero assets.

The ranking is the lowest for Bulgaria in the entire history of the world championships. Our country holds the record for the number of participations in the world championship together with Russia (USSR) – with 19 out of 20 held tournaments each. Our lowest ever position was 13th – in 2002 and 2014.

Serbia (A), Brazil (B), Poland (C), France (D), Italy (E) and the Netherlands (F) finished as winners of the six groups of the World Cup `22. Ukraine, Japan, USA, Slovenia, Turkey and Iran took the second positions, also giving direct right to participate in the eliminations. Places in the Top 16 complemented the best four teams remaining in third place – Argentina (F), Cuba (B), Germany (D) and Tunisia (A).

The round of 16 kicks off on Saturday (September 3), with two matches a day in Gliwice and Ljubljana until Tuesday (September 6). The quarterfinals are also on September 7-8 in the Polish city and the Slovenian capital, and the Final Four is on September 10-11 in Katowice.


Poland – Tunisia 4. IX
USA – Turkey 4. IX

Serbia – Argentina 6. IX
Brazil – Iran 6. IX

Slovenia – Germany 3. IX
Netherlands – Ukraine 5. IX

Italy – Cuba 3. IX
France – Japan 5. IX

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