Don’t drive drunk, the KGB is working and they will find you incriminating (Review)

Don’t drive drunk, the KGB is working and they will find you incriminating (Review)
Don’t drive drunk, the KGB is working and they will find you incriminating (Review)

“Vazrazhdane” will overtake “We continue the change”, predicts the leader of GERB

GERB leader Boyko Borisov will replace the “dirty vampires” with young people. “Other vampires” he called the leaders of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev, while on Wednesday he presented the new faces on the lists of GERB.

80 people from the youth organization of GERB are included in the lists for the parliamentary vote. 25 of them are in elective positions – in first or second place in the country and up to fourth in the metropolitan areas, explained Borisov.

“You were recognized as the main enemy of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev, who retired them young. Compared to you, they are some dirty vampires”, Borisov addressed the young herbalists. And he drew attention to the fact that Delyan Dobrev – a recruit of Asen Vassilev, is not among the youth ranks.

You’re going on a campaign. Be very careful, because you will be in a hurry, how you drive. No alcohol.

We have a mighty an enemy

They also stole huge amounts of money in the service of the Russian Federation. And the KGB, as it works, no one works. They will stitch you up, they will make videos of you, they will fish you out. From today you are responsible to the party and society. They will search you for documents, they will beat you very much on this topic. You saw – five examinations, they continue to chatter, Borisov warned his candidates and reminded them of the photos from his own bedroom. The young Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who had to take a drug test after a video of her dancing at a party, also gave them an example.

One of the youngest persons on the lists of GERB is the regional coordinator in Ruse Georgi Krastevborn in 1999. He promised to work for regional development and pointed out that none of Petkov and Vassilev’s projects for highways and tunnels have been started.

Raya Nazarian – one of the lawyers working on the GERB judicial reform project will compete for a place on the capital lists.

He is a guide in Plovdiv Desislava Trifonova, who was already once in the parliament. Trifonova worked at the State Fund “Agriculture”, she was also an adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova in Borisov’s third cabinet.

Youth and sports will be the policies of Martin Harizanov from Vratsa. He is

son of a police officer who died in a shooting race

His father died when Martin was only one year old, and he met Borisov while the leader of GERB was the chief secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Then, on his idea, the campaign to support the orphans of dead policemen was created.

Wisdom without boldness is idle and produces no result, and boldness without wisdom may lead to some folly, supported the youth in the lists of GERB and the deputy head of the party Tomislav Donchev.

“Revival” will overtake “Change” in the elections. I travel around the country and I see that people are just scared. I don’t think they will be second. The rise of “Vazrazhdane” is serious and I think they will beat them, predicts the result of the vote on October 2 Boyko Borisov.

To date, we have only formed a coalition with “Yes, Bulgaria” and I think it was successful, he added. Talks about future coalitions have not yet been held, and GERB expected first to see the election results of both the current parliamentary forces and the new ones on the horizon, “Bulgarian Rise” of Stefan Yanev. It was also important how many votes Slavi Trifonov’s and VMRO’s “There is such a people” will receive, Borisov explained.

GERB and DPS formula does not exist,

he vowed. The movement is the only party that the GERB leader ruled out as a possible future partner.

It is very important whether President Rumen Radev will hold fair elections and whether he will not allow the people of “Yes, Bulgaria” to be in control of the code of the machines. But hearing them squeal now, I think they might be honestBorisov also said.

“Chaos and disorder” have left behind PP according to GERB. Therefore, the slogan of Borisov’s party will be “Stronger than chaos”.

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