Powerful police and traffic police action in Plovdiv, with…

A powerful police operation is taking place in Plovdiv this morning. Patrols and motorized police officers are stationed at key locations in the city and along entry-exit arteries. They stop several cars for inspection, and traffic police officers also take part in the action using the “wide-area control” method. Uniformed officers check for absolutely everything – alcohol and drug use, legal capacity, seat belts, unpaid fines, etc.

The action continues to this moment, having become one of the most discussed topics on social networks. For example, drivers write that at the entrance to the city, before “Tomov Plaza”, there are three patrol cars, six sigmas and nannies. There are police at the Fair and at the turning point in “Yuzhen”.

The promotion started today on the territory of the whole country, as a highlight are also trucks. It will be monitored whether the drivers of the tractors have regular documents, the technical condition of the vehicles, as well as whether the cars are overloaded and whether the load is correctly distributed.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been over 19,000 violations caused by HGV drivers. In recent months, there has been a complicated traffic situation, there have been a large number of accidents, so all institutions have united that control is one of the methods by which these accidents can be limited. This was said by Boyko Ranovski, head of the Executive Agency “Automotive Administration”.

About 10% of accidents per year are caused by truck and bus drivers. The number of victims is about 12-13% as a result of these accidents, he further explained.

Ranovski also said that traffic police are accused of working only during daylight hours. He expressed hope that this could change soon.

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