Fine for swearing in the street – where will citizens be punished – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

Fine for swearing in the street – where will citizens be punished – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria
Fine for swearing in the street – where will citizens be punished – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

New laws are being forged in Hadjidimovo. They will aim to discipline the population. The aim is to maintain a good tone in conversations between fellow citizens. For example, swearing in the street is now prohibited. Violators will be fined if they are heard to verbally abuse anyone. The sanctions have not yet been specified, but it is expected that there will be a difference in the amount of the fine, which will depend on the length of the swearing.

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In Hadjidimovo, word is slowly getting out about the new law against swearing. “I heard something on the internet. We checked, we read – there is such a thing, but how true it is – we don’t know. Here he swears every second step, if you start from the mayor, you get to the goatherd. The mayor swears the most out of all, and he has brought in the law,” said a local resident.

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People already have questions. For example: is it a violation if one swears from a private yard, but can be heard from afar. There are not a few people in the town who are proverbial with their language. Usually these are middle-aged men who swear jokingly, often swearing at each other and greeting each other.

For Ivan Sabahlakov, there is a hidden reason and a personal motive for swearing to become punishable. “For sure, our administration is such that they swear at them a lot and they have already lost their temper and let us stop them swearing at us with a law. If a person has had too much alcohol, he can swear to himself as much as he wants. I have never seen normal people swear, but apparently when it comes to administration, they probably collect a lot of swear words in this country, and that’s why at the moment it seems that they started to catch on to these swear words, and these politicians and administrators started to feel embarrassed that they were swearing at them ,” he says.

Facing the wall because of the fines, in Hadjidimovo they are preparing to mask their swearing. Men firmly deny the option of swearing in a whisper, because then there is no effect – neither the person cursing is relieved, nor the person being cursed is affected.

Our team did not contact the mayor, but we searched for him quite persistently. Hopefully he hasn’t broken his own laws on our behalf.

See the entire report in the video.

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