BTA :: At the national plein air exhibition of painting “Haskovo

BTA :: At the national plein air exhibition of painting “Haskovo
BTA :: At the national plein air exhibition of painting “Haskovo

The 2022 National Plein Air Painting “Haskovo – Inspiration” will be held at the “Romantika” Hotel, in “Kenana” Park, from 02.09.2022 to 06.09.2022.

The plein air painting this year has a creative challenge for the artists on the theme “Hask inspiration”.

The creative interpretations of the participants in the plein air “Haskovo-inspiration” will be shown to the Haskov audience on September 7, 2022 in the “Forum” Art Gallery.

Then the connoisseurs of painting will see the paintings of Constantino Lyondev, Ilona Zaharieva, Gergana Lalova, Svetlana Yankova, Borislav Danev, Daniel Rusev, Tanya Atanasova and Zlati Gochev.

The event is annual and is financed by the Cultural Calendar of Haskovo Municipality. The organizers are the Association “Society of Haskovo Artists” and Haskovo Art Gallery.

Starting tomorrow, the “Hask-inspired” theme will be interpreted in picturesque colors by the artists:

Constantino Lyondev, Sofia – graduated from Sofia City Art High School “Ilia Petrov” and Art Academy for Fine Arts “Grand Bari”, Bari, Italy. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists since 2010. Has numerous solo exhibitions and participation in collective exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. He participated in various Plein Airs in Bulgaria. The artist has Italian roots. In addition to painting, he also works as a sculptor.

Ilona Zaharieva, Kyustendil – graduated from the Academy of Arts in Sofia, specialty “Carving”. He works in the field of decorative-monumental art, wood carving, spatial layout, graphics and painting. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the Association of Business Appraisers. She is a licensed expert in works of applied art, ethnography and antiquities. The author is an authoritative name in the guild, she headed the art gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora” in her hometown Kyustendil

Gergana Lalova, Sofia – graduated from the National Art High School “Acad. Iliya Petrov”, bachelor’s degree, specialty Textiles.

He won an award for a young author of the “Ikar” gallery in 2005. For years he has been an artist and make-up artist for the Global Films team for shows and television projects, including “Masters of the Air”, “The Magnificent Six”, “The Masked Singer”, “Like Two Drops of Water”, “Full Madness” and others . He has several solo exhibitions and more than ten group exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. She exhibited together with her father, the artist Mihail Lalov, from whom she inherited the pictorial sense of the world, and her last joint exhibition was in Burgas with Vasil Vasilev-Zueka. Gergana participated in a number of practical seminars in Bulgaria and abroad. She is highly recognizable for her still lifes, close in style to Fauvism and influenced by Matisse, Picasso and Monet.

Svetlana Yankova, Sofia – graduated from Art High School with a major in graphics, and later studied graphic design and visual communication at NBU, majoring in applied graphics. For some time he worked as a make-up artist in one of the big televisions, and then he accepted the challenge of transforming total make-up, as part of the team of the productions “Like two drops of water”, “The Magnificent Six” and “Bulgaria is looking for talent”. Her hobby is photography. He is fond of portrait and abstract photography.

Borislav Danev, Haskovo – studied Fine Art Pedagogy at Ivan Rilski Pedagogical Institute, Dupnitsa. Works in the field of painting, illustration and caricature /in Novinar – south, Darik, Kaun, etc./. He participated in numerous forums, festivals and exhibitions in the country and abroad. Deputy Chairman of the Society of Haskovic Artists.

Daniel Rusev, Haskovo – graduated in Fine Arts with a specialization in “Painting”, member of the Union of Artists. In 2021, Rusev was awarded the “Cultural figure in the field of arts, library or museum work” award. He works as a teacher in schools and art schools.

Tanya Atanasova (under the creative pseudonym Amphitrita Tanya), Haskovo – graduated with a master’s degree in “Church Monumental Arts”. She made the first temple mosaic in Haskovo in the church “St. Archangel Michael” in 2014. She painted “St. Anna” chapel in Trakiets village, Haskovo municipality in the same year. Participated in exhibitions of the Society of Haskovic Artists.

Zlati Gochev – Conservator-restorer at Haskovo Art Gallery. Graduated from SHUPI-Sofia, specialty “Wood Carving” and National Academy of Arts-Sofia, specialty “Conservation and Restoration”. He works in the field of restoration, icon painting, as well as the production of portraits, landscapes, etc. There are two solo exhibitions of icons in Sofia and Haskovo; Solo exhibition of replica icons in Austria, Vienna, “Dom Wittgenstein”. Author of the museum copy of the icon “St. Ivan Rila” – Rila Monastery. Participated in numerous public exhibitions in the country and abroad. His works are owned by collectors from Bulgaria, Austria, Malta, Germany, America and other countries.

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