144 candidates registered to participate in the elections in RIC – Lovech

144 candidates registered to participate in the elections in RIC – Lovech
144 candidates registered to participate in the elections in RIC – Lovech

144 candidates are registered to take part in the upcoming elections for people’s representatives on October 2, Valentina Nedyalkova, the chairman of the Regional Election Commission (RIC) in Lovech, announced at a press conference. Only the GERB-SDS coalition, the “Revival” party and the “Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland” party submitted full lists of 10 people. One candidate each was registered by “National Unity Movement” and “Coalition for You Bulgaria”. The youngest candidate is 22 years old – from DPS, the oldest is 79 years old – from Ataka. The ratio of men to women is 94 to 50, the largest number of women are on the lists of the “Stand Up Bulgaria” party, and the men – of “Vazrazhdane” and DPS.

Until September 3 is the deadline for checking the data of the applicants by GRAO.

There are 28 candidate lists from 22 parties and 6 coalitions registered in RIC – Lovech, only “Edinna Narodna Party” has not submitted a proposal. Validation of the voting ballot is pending.

The voters in the Lovech region according to the preliminary lists are 116,775. 262 polling stations have been opened in the eight municipalities, 2,110 members of the election commissions have been appointed, and their training is pending. The largest section is in the village of Kirchevo with 965 voters, and the smallest – in the village of Slavshtitsa with 21. At this stage, three mobile sections for people with disabilities and quarantined people were created – one in Troyan and two in Lukovit. They were also discovered in medical facilities – two each in Lovech, Troyan and Lukovit and one in Teteven. They were also formed in Lovech Prison, as well as in homes in the villages of Slivek and Varbovka. There are 176 polling stations in which voting will be done by machine, in the remaining 86 the vote will be given by paper ballot.

On September 17, the deadline for a voter to request entry into the voter list at the current address expires. Until then, voters with permanent disabilities can also request to vote with a mobile ballot box. If a mobile polling station has already been appointed on the territory of the settlement, voters with permanent disabilities may submit an application for voting with a mobile ballot box by September 26.

All mayors of municipalities have already issued orders to determine the places for placing campaign materials, as well as the places and order for outdoor and indoor events.

Valentina Nedyalkova called for compliance with the rules and for equal opportunities for all participants in the campaign to present their ideas for the development of our country.

The organizational and technical preparation of the elections was presented to the media by Deputy. regional governor Rosen Veselinov. He announced that all activities are being carried out very well and on time. The technical team has been determined and its action plan has been approved, the work of the RIC has been ensured. The seals with a unique sign for sealing the premises where the election papers and materials will be stored have been ordered, and the officials who will receive them have been determined. The need for bags and boxes for cuttings has been clarified with the municipalities. Since last week, the election papers have already arrived at the regional administration, the certificates for voting elsewhere and the registers to them have been received, and so far they have been delivered to Apriltsi, Lovech, Troyan and Yablanitsa. The receipt of the remaining election papers from the Administration of the Council of Ministers and the ballots from the printing house, to be distributed and handed over to the municipalities, is pending.

The election campaign starts tomorrow.

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