Kuzman Iliev announced big news that could save Bulgaria – Economy

Kuzman Iliev announced big news that could save Bulgaria – Economy
Kuzman Iliev announced big news that could save Bulgaria – Economy

“We won’t see anything good if, instead of financial discipline, when the economic situation deteriorates externally, we shriek and bet on raising taxes and insurance and/or taking out new debt (which is the same in the long term).” This was stated by economic analyst Kuzman Iliev to BNT.

According to him, the social commitments made with the update are irreversible and are a political minefield that the next in power cannot step on for fear of social discontent and upheaval.

“The sensible thing: a more optimal, collected, tight and efficient state machine. Freer from obstacles and red tape business. As well as more money left as disposable income in the people producing value – the so-called middle class.

Bulgaria should study what it has as its own strategic raw materials – conventional and shale gas, metals and minerals. If we actually have 480 billion. cubic meters of gas in the Northwest and around the Black Sea, we would be secured for a century and a half to come.

In the worst energy crisis in human history, we allow ourselves the luxury of not even knowing what we have in terms of reserves and potential. Expensive and dangerous ignorance,” said the expert categorically.

“The biggest hypocrisy of the European and Bulgarian greens is that, being in power, they stop any conversation about shale gas and oil, but they work hard to import from the USA precisely such. The shale revolution made the USA energy independent, solving its 40-plus year geostrategic and economic problem.

We are the first pioneers when we have to do something to our detriment (we close nuclear units and coal power plants) in order to prove our “belonging”, but when something is actually useful for Bulgaria’s energy or resource security – we suddenly get stuck.

However, there is no one to do Europe’s dirty work anymore, and if they do, it will be hellishly expensive and crushing for households and businesses. We will have to act proactively on our own, otherwise it will be difficult,” concluded Kuzman Iliev.

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