565 Plovdiv residents received patronage care with European support…

A 50-year-old teacher, who was seriously injured when she fell into a hole, underwent surgery and was discharged for home treatment, had to go to rehabilitation. She had no relatives and called a private transport company. From there, two men with a stretcher asked her for 300 BGN for just one day for transport. The woman called the Municipality of Plovdiv, where they immediately provided her with free transportation to a rehabilitation center under the European patronage care program.

This incident was told today by the Deputy Mayor for Social Policy, Sports and Youth Activities, Georgi Tityukov, during the final press conference on the occasion of the implementation of the project BG05M9OP001-6.004 “Patronage Care+ – Component 2”, implemented with the grant-in-aid under the OP “Development of human resources 2014-2020”. Its value is BGN 1,438,928.69, 100% guaranteed by the EU.

“The project was extremely useful for adults in need and people with disabilities, as well as for citizens affected by COVID-19”, emphasized Georgi Tityukov.

For six months – from February 2 to August 2, 2022 – patronage care was provided for 565 Plovdiv residents. Citizens were provided hourly mobile health and social services in a home environment – psychological support, shopping, cleaning, cooking, paying household bills up to 2 hours a day. A total of 72 specialists participated in the team involved in the project – doctors, nurses, rehabilitators, psychologists and social workers”, said Lilia Kichukova, project manager.

Contracts were concluded with the specialists for a monthly remuneration of BGN 1,100 to 1,300, depending on the profession, for an 8-hour working day, to serve the citizens included in the program in their homes at various addresses in Plovdiv.

“Everyone who wished to be included in the patronage care project and met the criteria received help,” assured Lilia Kichukova.

Under the same project, from March 2 to September 2, support for the prevention of COVID-19 was provided in 52 social services in Plovdiv, aimed at 629 employees who serve 1391 users.

“Personal protective measures have been provided – masks, gloves, disinfectants, measures have been taken to disinfect premises and isolate staff with screens and partition walls, testing of staff and users of social services has been ensured. Computer equipment was purchased and additional pay for the staff was provided”, Liliya Kichukova pointed out.

The head of the project announced the good news that patronage care will be provided for another six months under the same conditions, but already under another European project.

Photos by Natasha Maneva

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