Borisov: Bulgaria is “spilling blood” because of Vassilev’s financial policy

Borisov: Bulgaria is “spilling blood” because of Vassilev’s financial policy
Borisov: Bulgaria is “spilling blood” because of Vassilev’s financial policy

“Bulgaria is currently “splashing blood” from the unreasonable management of finances. And it is not certain with this political instability that the 15 billion will be taken, and at what interest it will be. Asen Vasilev’s financial disaster is irreparable.”

This was said by GERB leader Boyko Borisov during a press conference.

“Our main dispute is with the party of intermediaries – bring back the intermediaries in gas, electricity, oil. Everything happens in favor of the Russian Federation with the support of the party of mediators. And no matter how their spokespeople explain it, when the facts speak, the people suffer,” he added.

“During our administration, we were hit by three crises: Migration, financial, and COVID-19. In all three, we did the best of all countries. And the migrant crisis – yesterday the director of Europol gave as an example an action from 2020 for an Afghan in London, the operation being led by Bulgaria. From zero migration, pointed to as an example in Europe, at the moment I see the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior with Boyko Rashkov, every day they catch 20-30-40 illegal migrants”, said the leader of GERB.

He also commented on the upcoming elections.

“I don’t understand why you care who will rule with whom. It is about an anti-crisis government to see us through the winter. Bulgaria has the most developed gas infrastructure in the Balkans, and it is 100% Bulgarian property. What should we be ashamed of, in what field has someone done better than us? So I never paid attention to sociology, the elections are in the hands of Radev and his ministers. If they don’t hold fair elections, we won’t end up in a situation where they counted ITN’s votes for three days to get ahead of us. Everything is done with flash drives, software and machines, which are guarded by Boyko Rashkov,” commented Borisov.

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