Take the old tires to the specialist site

Take the old tires to the specialist site
Take the old tires to the specialist site

An entire truck was loaded this morning with old car tires collected at the specialized site at the base of the municipal enterprise “Chistota” and drove to Vrachansko.

“We concluded a contract according to which in a specialized installation there the tires are processed using a technology that is safe for nature”, said the director of the “Ecology and Waste Management” Directorate in the Municipality of Plovdiv Vyara Koleva.

According to her, the unregulated disposal of end-of-use car tires in and around waste containers, in green areas or in the river bed of Maritsa creates great risks for protecting the cleanliness of the environment.

“Especially dangerous is when they fall on people who burn them. When burned, toxic compounds with a long decomposition period are released. They are easily transported through the air over long distances and cause damage to both nature and people. Almost in the entire city you can feel the gassing from the burning of tires in “Stolipinovo”, but the municipality is determined to end this practice”, Koleva explained.

She reminded that the commercial establishments (auto repair shops and points for changing end-of-use tires) are obliged to accept the old tires from their customers free of charge and, under a contract with a licensed company, hand them over for recycling or safe processing. With the assistance of the competent institutions, the municipality has already undertaken massive checks to see if this is being followed.

Citizens who have old tires should not throw them away in non-regulated places, but hand them over to the specialized site in front of the “Chistota” base – 64A “Dame Gruev” Str., is urged by the “Ecology and Waste Management” Directorate. up to 6 tires at a time from private cars.The municipality takes responsibility for the safe processing of the collected quantities.

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