She asked for $68, they transferred her $7.2 million… and now they want it back

What would you do if a large international company accidentally messed up the accounts and sent you several million dollars? Will you pay them back or shut up and start spending them?

Australian Tevamanogari Manivel was faced with such a dilemma, who in May last year asked the cryptocurrency trading platform for a refund of $68, but was then surprised to find that her bank account had received the amount of 7.2 million.

It is believed to be an error by an employee who entered Manivel’s account number in the checkout field when filling out the refund request. Thus, the Australian turned out to be a millionaire in an instant.

The situation comes at a time of rapid growth for As the prices of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether soar, the exchange is promoting its crypto credit and debit cards and even using Hollywood stars like Matt Damon to promote its services.

Despite its great ambitions, however, it took the company a full seven months before it found out about the mistake. It was not until the annual audit in December that it became clear about the huge sum wrongly paid to Manivel.

During that time, she clearly showed no intention of returning the money, and so the company filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the state of Victoria, and in February managed to freeze Manivel’s account into which the money was transferred.

The problem, however, is that the woman has already dispersed them into other accounts and even used part of the sum to buy a home in Melbourne worth about $900,000. It was transferred to the name of her sister Gangadori, who lives in Malaysia, so that ownership of it is not frozen.

All attempts to contact the sister were unsuccessful, as she never responded to messages from’s lawyers. The only communication provided to the court was a response to an email to Manivel’s lawyers saying “we received it, thank you”.

As a result, a judgment was reached in favor of It states that Gangadori must sell the property as soon as possible and pay the amount to the crypto exchange. In addition, the woman must pay interest in the amount of $27,369.

However, the decision is not final and the case will continue in October.

This is another problem along with

Despite a strong 2021, since the beginning of this year things have only gone from bad to worse. First, the platform was hit by a hacking attack in which users lost assets worth $34 million. The company said that all funds have been recovered, but the blow to the image was quite serious.

Then came the collapse of the entire crypto market, which led to colossal losses for the platform, and a few months after it invested in buying the naming rights of the arena where the basketball teams Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers play. The deal is for 20 years and will be worth $700 million to

In order to reduce costs amid the current crypto “winter”, in June the company announced that it would lay off 5% of its employees, which equates to 260 people.

In the coming months, it is possible that this number will increase significantly if the negative trends in the market continue.

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