“Extremely Inconvenient” premieres in Plovdiv on September 9

Stefania Koleva, Zdrava Kamenova and Bogdana Trifonova will premiere their new comedy “Extremely Inconvenient” at the Bunardjika summer theater in Plovdiv on September 9. The production is the third of the successful author’s series, which includes the performances “Extraordinary Situation” and “Extraordinary Love”.

“Extremely Awkward” again presents true stories collected from life. This time they are united by the embarrassment, shame, embarrassing situations we all experience. The audience will be entertained with stories about pets, hypochondriacs, a Greek island, a Japanese tour, children, in-laws, one chicken pox, three births…

Of course, all this will be in the company of music, dancing and the unique sense of humor of the three actresses, who admit that they are not at all embarrassed to invite the audience to their new production.

“Extremely Inconvenient” is the idea of ​​Zdrava Kamenova and Svetlio Tomov in co-authorship with Bogdana Trifonova. The composer of the music is Dobromir Kisiov, and the costume designer is Stefania Koleva.

The premiere of “Extremely Inconvenient” will be in four cities. It all starts in Plovdiv on September 9, followed by Sofia on September 13, Varna on September 20 and Burgas on September 30. More dates are coming in the country and abroad.

The comedy theater series “Extraordinary…” has been extremely successful, as “Extraordinary Situation” and “Extraordinary Love” have been seen by nearly 35,000 people in over 20 cities in the last year alone.

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