The first snow comes already in September! Check out Me’s forecast…

The first snow comes already in September! Check out Me’s forecast…
The first snow comes already in September! Check out Me’s forecast…

The month begins with unusually low morning temperatures, and the first snowfalls are possible towards the end

The upcoming September will be slightly warmer than usual, one of the reasons being the more frequent advections of hot air from North Africa, Meteo Balkans forecasters report on their website.

From a climatic point of view, the weather during this month is difficult to predict due to the frequent change of circulation in Europe. Based on current data, temperatures and monthly precipitation totals will be around normal. And here are the details of what weather awaits us in September:

The weather during the first ten days of September

During the first ten days, temperatures are expected to be 2-5 degrees above the climatic norm, but the morning degrees will be unusually low, especially over the mountainous and extreme northeastern regions. The maximum temperatures in the country will be between 28-32°С, and the minimum ones will be between 13-17°C, and they will be lower in the high plains of Western Bulgaria – up to 10-12°С.

The month will begin with precipitation – mainly in the western and central parts of the country. In places, they will be accompanied by thunder, and hail is not excluded. We expect rains and thunderstorms mainly over the mountainous regions, but towards the end of the ten-day period, they will weaken in intensity, temperatures will rise and in many places will exceed 30°C.

The weather in the second ten days of September

We will have more hours of sunshine. In the first days of the second ten-day period, the weather will be mostly sunny, and in the afternoons – with scattered high clouds, and in places in the mountains it is possible that it will rain and thunder. Temperatures will rise and in many places will be between 27-32°C.

On the 13th – 14th, slightly fresher air will penetrate from the northeast, daytime temperatures will drop significantly and will be below 24-26°C. After the short-term cooling, by the end of the second ten days, the degrees will rise and will be between 27-30°C. The weather will be sunny, but rain is possible over the mountains in the afternoons.

The weather during the third ten days of September

According to the data of the climate models, the probability of the formation of Mediterranean cyclones is much greater in this period. In the first days of the third ten-day period, it will be cloudy and rainy. The reason for the bad weather is an expected cyclone located over the Western and Southern Balkans.

We also expect a permanent drop in temperatures towards the end of the period. The first snowfalls above 1800-2000 meters are also possible. Most models imply a frequent change in dynamics and frequent cyclones.

Curious – Folk Meteorology

Folk meteorology includes weather forecasts that are based on traditional knowledge and observations of the movement of celestial bodies, atmospheric phenomena, animal behavior, and the condition of trees and plants. According to her, if September is dry, then October will be rainy. This is what the folk meteorologist believes. As the day of Saint Simeon (September 1) is, so will be the whole of December.

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