We have two big goats for the election, …

There is no chance for a coalition with GERB or DPS, “Vazrazhdane” and ITN are unacceptable at this moment

It is ridiculous that Grozdan Karadjov is running a newspaper in the city for whose projects he did not allocate money

The Bulgarian can get through the winter more easily, but only after negotiations with Russia

– Mr. Petkov, the lists for Plovdiv-city have become clear, but the main political forces are once again choosing leaders who are not from the city. Why?

– This is the most ancient city in Europe after all, everyone wants to be a leader here. Despite some people from GERB, Plovdiv manages to preserve its incredible culture. Otherwise, I am glad that it is Christian (b.a. – Vigenin) who is the leader of the BSP in Plovdiv, because we worked excellently with him last campaign. He helped me a lot when I was a national representative, I can learn from him. Christian leads more sessions of the parliament than Nikola Minchev, if I’m not mistaken. He is respected by both our partners and opponents.

– How many MPs do you expect BSP to get from Plovdiv-city?

– I don’t want to mention numbers, but simply to improve our result compared to last year. To me, there are two factors that will help us. Most importantly, the BSP had ministers who showed that they did not enter into intrigues, conflicts, worked seriously in their portfolios. By the way, many people stopped me in Tsar Simeon’s Garden when we were registering the leaves and emphasized exactly that. The other thing is that we transformed the BSP clubs in Plovdiv, after so many years the beginning of life can be seen in them. These are our advantages. For the first time, the list was formed by our organizations, then arranged by a city conference. Yes, not all applicants managed to get a place. We also have 4 women on the list, which is why many have tried to almost accuse us of only betting on men. This is not true as there were 4 candidates among the ladies and all four are included.

– What are the priorities that you will especially emphasize among the voters in Plovdiv?

– First, the national priorities will be considered, after all, they are national elections. Otherwise, specifically for Plovdiv, I will start with the promotion of Grozdan Karadjov as the leader of the list of ITN. As citizens of Plovdiv, in the previous parliament, together with our colleagues from the PP, we insisted on the launch of important infrastructure projects in the city, which were not realized precisely because of Karadjov’s ministry. I am talking about the financing of Golyamokonarsko, Peshtersko shose, the completion of the ring road, for which GERB was jumping. But it is they who carry their negativity on the subject, as well as on this sham on the road to Asenovgrad, so they have no right to speak.

– I understand that your big pain is infrastructure projects.

– Plovdiv is already the center of several regions, there is a huge flow of people to the city from Pazardzhik, Haskovo, Smolyan, Kardzhali. Let it accept more and more people, but the brutal construction was allowed without any thought. Through loopholes in the laws, large blocks were erected without the necessary parking spaces. Either way, the city is growing, and here’s another answer to why it’s attractive to political party leaders. But since it is attractive, why do we leave it without any financial assistance from the state!

– Are you optimistic that there will be a stable majority after the elections?

– I notice a serious neglect of the elections by our opponents. I repeat how it does not make sense from them that there will be more in the spring. After all, no sane person wants a country without a stable parliament and government. But against this background, some surpassed Dani Kirilov by holding referendums. With a non-working parliament! But – the voice of the people, the voice of God. Or rather, everyone has the right to look for their voters, and the “sovereign” decides.

– What will the BSP focus on nationally?

– The social commitments we made last campaign have been completed – money for maternity in the second year, for young families, pensions. Yes, inflation eats them up, but let’s say that in 7-8 months we raised pensions many times more than GERB in 12 years. This gives us the moral right to declare that we will be a social pillar under a new administration. These are commitments that we not only say in words, but have become deeds.

– I ask all interlocutors the following: the prices of energy carriers are skyrocketing all over the world, and winter is coming, how will Bulgaria cope?

– Back in April, we said through Cornelia Ninova, the Minister of Economy, that we should negotiate with Gazprom. We were then in governance, not in a pre-election situation. We stand the position.

– On the other hand, does the EU have sanctions on Russian gas?

– Let there be European sanctions, but the national interest of each country comes first in the EU. We are in the European Union because we believe it can improve our lives. But! Now there are times when national interests do not coincide with sanctions. Here – Hungary does it. Not to mention Turkey, our NATO partner, in truth, the biggest player in the political crisis at this point. It sells drones to Ukraine and buys gas from Russia.

– Either way, bills will go up, people won’t be happy. Won’t the role of opposition be the winning one?

– When there are reasonable leaders, paths can be found in bad times. I will enter into an argument with our Euro-Atlantic partners, but Italy and Germany cannot pay in rubles, and we here beat each other’s chests. There is no way that American gas, despite the opinion of “We continue the change”, can be competitive in terms of prices with Russian gas.

– Which are the parties with which you will never enter a coalition?

– I start with GERD and DPS, of course.

– “Revival”?

– There is no way it can be done at the moment, as they are extreme towards us. In the parliament, they were not only incorrect, but also shared outright lies. Let me recall the revelations of their MP Elena Guncheva, who talks about quite disturbing things. Another fact is that Tsvetana Galunova, an MP from their civil quota, decided to join our lists now.

– Is there a chance to extend a hand to Slavi, even though Cornelia Ninova spoke quite harshly these days to the leader of ITN?

– There is no way to work with these people at the moment – this, to throw the country into chaos, to stop the parliament in the middle of world crises, to talk nonsense. In truth, from the first day, ITN colleagues started with attacks and provocations. Have you ever seen anywhere in the world a minister speak out against a prime minister during a vote of no confidence against the government! This was done by Grozdan Karadjov. I do not remember a similar farce, at least in the recent history not only of Bulgaria, but also of the whole of Europe. Behind-the-scenes interests, something else, let the voter decide. I am convinced that with all the differences between the left and the right in the coalition, the country could have remained stable and gone to a 2-in-1 election together with the locals next fall. Not now should the official cabinet wonder how to work without parliament.

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