Filming of the film “Shostakovich’s Piano” has begun in Ruse

Filming of the film “Shostakovich’s Piano” has begun in Ruse
Filming of the film “Shostakovich’s Piano” has begun in Ruse

The production is based on the Ruse Opera project

Picturesthose of the documentary with the working title The Piano of Shostakovich” have already started. The production is according to the project of rusenska opera, financed under the program for small artistic projects of a municipality ruse. The idea is to present the guest performances of the great Russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich in ruseas the thread that runs through the film is connected to the mystery of exactly which instrument Shostakovich has brought his a concert in 1958

“It’s a team of young people working on the film. Picturesthey actually started in Sofia because there are adults rusepeople who witnessed these events, took part in them, and currently live in Sofia – such as academic Vasil Kazandzhiev, orchestra players, people who were children and attended the rehearsals in 1965 of the opera “Katerina Izmailova “. There were quite a few witnesses, mostly from the circles of the orchestra rusethe National Philharmonic and rusens opera, who are direct participants in a concertthe and performances of the works of Shostakovichshared the director of rusenational opera Plamen Beykov, Ruse Media reported.

The team collects their testimonies in different places. Among them are the community center in Nikolovo, where for many years it was believed that the piano on which he played was kept Shostakovich. In the process of searching for documents, other versions have appeared, which the production will tell about. The film also features the young pianist Nikolay Dimitrov, who is one of the last musicians to try out the sound of the instrument in Nikolovo. His performance from the archive of ruse Media will also be involved in the production. Pictures they also go to Pirgovo, where Shostakovich was a guest together with Tikhon Khrennikov and from where there are preserved documentary footage.

“Our incentive was fueled by the exhibition “Dmitry Shostakovich in Bulgaria”, which we did last fall at the “March Music Days” festival. There we came across photographs and documents that are suspiciously quite scarce. And orienting on them, on memorial books, where Shostakovich has left his impressions, according to materials from the press of the time, we marked the places and little by little witnesses were found, which we did not even suspect”Plamen Beykov also said.

The film will touch on not so closely professional moments of a concertthe and compositional activity of Shostakovichbut rather will be an insight into the emotional experiences of people from contact to the great personality of Shostakovich and their attitude as creators. Production is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

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