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Excavators entered another tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv

Excavators entered another tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv
Excavators entered another tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv

Demolition began on the day the building was due to receive protected status

After the scandal last week, today excavators entered another of the tobacco warehouses in Plovdiv. This time, demolition began in the warehouse at the corner of the streets “G. M. Dimitrov” and “Exarch Yosif”, who was one of those burned six years ago. Only one bum was blamed for the fire that engulfed four historic buildings at the time, but that never dispelled suspicions of arson. The famous tobacco city in Plovdiv has the status of a group cultural monument, but the old warehouses in it one by one fall victim to investment appetites.

“The warehouse is being demolished illegally. It is under protection under the law on cultural heritage. Its demolition is permissible only and only after approval by the Ministry of Culture, which was not done, despite the provisions of the Law on Territorial Planning,” he wrote in ” Facebook” architect Petkana Bakalova and stood in front of the excavators.

And with this warehouse, as with the demolition of the other one that began a week ago, the owners use a municipal permit. It is about the so-called safety and health plan, this time issued by the Central District. It is from last year, but the owners – “Galaxy Investment Group” – have decided to start its implementation today, the Plovdiv website “Pod tepeto” reported.

The demolition of the burnt warehouse began on the day when the Specialized Council for the Protection of Immovable Cultural Values ​​had to declare another warehouse – at 51 Hristo Botev Street – as a unique cultural value. In this warehouse, demolition began days ago and is likely well advanced, so additional protection may be unnecessary. There was also an exchange of accusations about who did not protect the historical building, with the municipality announcing that it had previously asked the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage, and from there they said that they had warned the town hall about the upcoming protection.

In the meantime, information emerged that six tobacco warehouses were supposed to be examined at the meeting in question, but they were withdrawn. A check by “Sega” in the agenda of the meeting showed that only the one at 51 Hristo Botev St. was included in it.

“Why does the mayor of the European capital of culture approve documents for the demolition of cultural heritage, part of the approval of Plovdiv as a capital of culture? Will there be political responsibility for this vandalism? Why did the acting minister of culture not conclude in today’s agenda of the specialized expert council SIX the warehouse, including this one,” said Arch. Bakalova. She also asks whether the president will bear responsibility for the actions of his minister.

Minister Minekov himself immediately appeared in Plovdiv. “I will not allow this destruction,” he vowed and complained that he had been threatened because of his advocacy for tobacco warehouses, “Pod Tepeto” reported.

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