Plovdiv needs a new mayor. We’re down to nothing with this one

Plovdiv needs a new mayor. We’re down to nothing with this one
Plovdiv needs a new mayor. We’re down to nothing with this one

Dani Kanazireva is the first announced candidacy for mayor of Plovdiv in next year’s local elections. Kicked out of the GERB parliamentary lists – they also offered a non-elective seat, she returned and said she was re-dedicating herself to local politics. In 2019, as a candidate of “Union for Plovdiv”, she ranked third with 12,460 votes. Four years earlier, she had a better result – 16,844.

Kanazireva is headed for another loss in the local elections. Because she behaves as if no one knows about her political loopings – GERB, Kuneva, Radan Kanev, GERB again now. It acts as decoration for any political thinking.

It is obvious that Kanazireva will not be the candidate of GERB. It is obvious that it will be difficult for her to speak out against the GERB local government after the parliamentary adventures on behalf of the party. She doesn’t have much of a choice. She will probably choose a comfortable barricade – for example, made of plush and foam to pretend to be a facade oppositionist – against the authorities, but not quite. Such a candidacy is marginalized as soon as it appears. The prediction is not difficult – Dani Kanazireva will not be the next mayor of Plovdiv.

The other hero of the day – the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov, hopes to repeat his mandate on the back of Boyko Borisov. The hoe was already used once in the fall of 2019. After three years of the mandate, Plovdiv desperately needs a new mayor. Dimitrov and his administration are driven by the momentum of the previous strong local government, they have no imagination for anything else and are increasingly accelerating towards the wall of broken illusions.

“I’m taking over a rapidly developing city,” Dimitrov said three years ago. He didn’t say that it was Ivan Totev’s city, but it’s implied. Or as the political dwarfs like to say, “The Totev Model.” They have already understood what this model means – rapid economic development, investments, changed urban environment, European Capital of Culture.

The “Dimitrov model” has been overshadowed by lobbyist interests and a lack of vision for what Plovdiv should be. Elevating Dimitrov for a second term would be political irresponsibility. And we should not be ruled by cowards who, without the backs of the parties, look like those annoying clothespins, that smudge easily with newspaper or whatever you have on hand.You smudge them and they’re done.

Dimitrov’s rule is over, according to political logic.

So what’s next?

Ivan Totev is still “The Boy Who Doesn’t Go Away”. He hasn’t gone, he hasn’t waved goodbye. His return to the head of the city is in the imagination of those who saw and understood how weak a government confused by wrong choice. But this is imagination. GERB can also trust a non-party figure.

The other intrigue is the choice of “We continue the change” and “Democratic Bulgaria”. What kind of relationship will they be in after a year – will they still be in love and how will they understand a common candidate. Will he be Yordan Ivanov, who spent several months in the governor’s seat? Not an impressive choice.

Even GERB must fight against the current GERB administration in the city. Because it is a road to nowhere. The party can also go there if it likes Dimitrov for a second term.

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