A new hunting lodge is opened by “LRD-Dobrich” on the occasion of its 125th anniversary – 2022.09.01 – Regional

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This year, “LRD-Dobrich” celebrates 125 years since its establishment in 1897. On this occasion, the members of the society will cut the ribbon on their new hunting lodge – a dream they have had for years and which they have finally realized. There are about 1,000 hunters and fishermen in the area, united in 33 hunting and fishing groups, and they hunt on a territory of over 119,000 hectares.

“Many people’s understanding that we practice simple killing of animals and birds is extremely wrong,” noted the chairman of the board of the association, Iliya Mihailov, who has been a hunter for 32 years. According to him, their responsibilities and duties are many, with the main idea being the protection of nature and the animal population. Therefore, the company annually deals with the artificial resettlement of over 1,300 pheasants and partridges, and the results are already visible and their population is permanently increasing. In 2021, 160 rabbits were displaced for the first time. “LRD-Dobrich” is also involved in the feeding of the animals, and the purchase of concentrated feed, rock salt and alfalfa is done entirely with their own funds. Since 2015, rabbit hunting has been prohibited on the company’s territory. In implementation of the plan for the main events and according to the contract for the management of the hunting areas, hundreds of biotechnical facilities were built and repaired – feeders, salt pans, mud pits, jackals, which require annual maintenance.

The association also realized their long-standing dream – the construction of a hunting lodge in the “Kobaklka” area and the modernization of the hunting and shooting complex with the construction of an area for rifled weapons, with which they closed the circle – a hunting lodge, a shooting range for smoothbore and rifled weapons. They will be officially opened this Saturday, September 3, during the assembly on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of “LRD-Dobrich”. The beginning of the assembly is at 10:00 a.m. in the town of “Kobaklaka”, and the hosts have prepared a rich program for all the guests.

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