Emilia Petrova from Sofia: Thank you, Dr. Peychino…

Emilia Petrova from Sofia: Thank you, Dr. Peychino…
Emilia Petrova from Sofia: Thank you, Dr. Peychino…

A 79-year-old woman from Gorublyane was saved by the two young surgeons – Dr. Dimitar Peychinov and Dr. Todor Yanev in the metropolitan hospital “Tsarica Ioana” – ISUL. The patient was admitted urgently with a perforated ulcer and accompanying diseases.

Followed by rapid research, preparation and surgery. After 3 days in intensive care, the woman has already been moved to the surgery clinic and will soon be discharged, reported ISUL.

“Thank you Dr. Dimitar Peychinov and Dr. Todor Yanev, thank you to the team of the ISUL surgery clinic. With competent intervention and the quick life-saving surgery on August 27, you saved my mother’s life. You are people with huge hearts, respectful human attitude and willingness to help. I am sincerely glad that in your hospital and surgery clinic there are young and dedicated specialists who put their heart and soul into treating and caring for their patients. I wish you good health and strength to continue to fulfill your professional duty, regardless of all accompanying difficulties and deprivations”wrote Emilia Petrova, the patient’s daughter, in a letter of thanks to the hospital.

On August 27, 2022, on Saturday, in front of the emergency department of the “Tsaritsa Joanna – ISUL” UMBAL, a private car stopped, from which Emilia Petrova and her sick mother got out. One look is enough for the experienced specialists of the Emergency Department to understand that it is a surgical problem and immediately call colleagues.

Dr. Dimitar Peychinov and specialist Dr. Todor Yanev are on duty at the Surgery Clinic. Therefore, the two surgeons, without wasting time, set about clarifying the condition. The patient has severe abdominal pain. Literally in minutes, all possible studies are organized. A plain radiograph of the abdomen shows the presence of free gas below the diaphragm. Bad. Apparently, it is a matter of perforation of a hollow, abdominal organ.

Given the age /79 years/ and the woman’s condition, the prognosis is not good. As hard as it is, the daughter waiting anxiously out front must know…

The operating room is prepared in minutes. Meanwhile, the patient is almost in a state of shock, blood pressure continues to drop. And then, on the operating table, good news appears for the first time!

Of all the possible diagnoses, it turned out to be a perforated stomach ulcer, which has a better prognosis. But will the woman withstand the operation – severe general condition, advanced age, accompanying diseases?

Dr. Peychinov and Dr. Yanev are obliged to do everything possible! And they succeed! The operation completes successfully…

And after a 3-day stay in the Central Intensive Care Unit, the elderly patient was already brought to the Surgery Clinic of the “Tsaritsa Joanna – ISUL” UMBAL. “We already took her with us” – Dr. Yanev explains simply. The woman is expected to be discharged these days.

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