Over 40 fined in Plovdiv in just a few hours

Over 40 fined in Plovdiv in just a few hours
Over 40 fined in Plovdiv in just a few hours
In response to the efforts of the police to reduce traffic injuries and prevent violations by road users, a specialized operation is being conducted on the territory of the Plovdiv Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to comply with the Road Traffic Act.

Today in the regional city according to the wide-ranging method employees from the “Traffic Police” and “Specialized Police Forces” sectors worked together with representatives of the Regional Directorate “Automotive Administration”. The teams were positioned on St. Petersburg Blvd. and Asenovgradsko Shosse, and their checks covered 113 motor vehicles and 120 drivers and passengers.

For registered violations of the Law on Road Traffic, law enforcement officers compiled 8 acts and 33 slips. Administrative sanctions were also imposed by RDAA inspectors in 4 cases of irregular travel documents of drivers and vehicles. During the control, one unlicensed driver and two who were using mobile phones while driving cars were detected.

Yesterday, patrols of the two sectors and their colleagues from the thirteen regional offices in Plovdiv and the district again carried out intensive road safety checks, applying the so-called “linear approach”. 348 vehicles were stopped, the identities of 408 persons were removed. 138 violations were found, for which 33 acts and 124 fines were issued. An unlicensed driver was also caught during this action.

Two others ran a red signal at a traffic light, ten talked on a mobile phone without the necessary device, and four drove technically defective motor vehicles. 39 cases of non-observance of road signs and markings and 19 cases of failure to use a safety belt or helmet were also documented. 9 pedestrians were also fined for traffic violations.

We remind you that following one of the main priorities of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Minister Demerdzhiev ordered 13 measures to combat road trauma, including control using the “linear approach” method. It is expressed in the fact that police patrols, by moving in the traffic flow , monitor the behavior of road users and violations of any type.

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