Toncho Rusev’s piano and trumpet in Burgas

Toncho Rusev’s piano and trumpet in Burgas
Toncho Rusev’s piano and trumpet in Burgas

They open an exhibition before the big concert in memory of the composer

A forecast of storms moved “Unforgettable” to the Summer Theater

Collected postcards of Old Burgas

An exhibition with belongings and awards of the great Bulgarian composer Toncho Rusev will be opened in Burgas before the big concert on the occasion of his 90th anniversary. His belongings were provided by the composer’s family – his wife Elena Ruseva, their daughter Albena and granddaughter Elena Hadjistoyanova. Just a few days ago, Elena Hadjistoyanova became the mother of a baby girl, named after the great Toncho Rusev – little Antonia was born.

“Everything we do in connection with this project – the exhibition and the concert – has been coordinated with Toncho Rusev’s family. They responded and did their best to make things happen, for which we are very grateful,” he told Trud ” Dimitar Madzharov, director of the municipal enterprise “Summer Theatre, Festivals and Concerts”.

The exhibition will be officially opened on September 1 at 11 a.m. at the House of the National Broadcasting Corporation. It will be possible to see the piano, the typewriter on which he worked, his trumpet, as well as many of his belongings – his glasses, his watch, cards of Old Burgas that he collected. Another of his hobbies was philately, and his “Golden Orpheus” award – for overall creativity, as well as all other awards from the festival, will be displayed in the exhibition.

The family left some of the objects for a permanent exhibition in Burgas, the composer’s hometown.

The “Unforgettable” concert, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the great musician Toncho Rusev, will be in the Summer Theater on September 1st at 8:30 p.m. The original idea was for the performance to be on “Troikata” Square, but the forecast for rain and storms became the reason to look for a safer location.

Talented performers from Burgas or connected to the city will take the stage – Rafi, Kristina Doncheva, Stefan Ilchev, “Fortissimo” and many others.

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