“Joan of Arc”, tours and stand-up comedy in Etara in September from the theater in Gabrovo

“Joan of Arc”, tours and stand-up comedy in Etara in September from the theater in Gabrovo
“Joan of Arc”, tours and stand-up comedy in Etara in September from the theater in Gabrovo

The Drama Theater in Gabrovo started its 77th creative season with a request for even more opportunities to share and enjoy hours in the theater.
Already from September 1, the theater is renewing its tours, as the first stop of the spectacle “Dinner with Friends” is the Summer Cinema in Dobrich. This month, the performances of the theater will visit Sofia, Plovdiv, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Zlatitsa. You can see the dates and performances in our monthly program.

The highlight at the beginning of the season is the recovery of Joan of Arc (ICAR nomination 2016 in the category “Leading female role” for Gergana Zmiycharova). Based on Schiller’s texts, the play “The Lark” by Jean Anouy, Caryl Churchill, author’s texts by the actors and director Petrinel Gochev, the performance returns powerfully with a renewed cast – Gergana Zmiycharova, Ivaylo Dragiev, Dimo ​​Dimov, Adriana Dimova, Petko Koychev, Nadezhda Petkova, Svetoslav Slavchev, Violina Dotseva, Petar Rangelov, Lyubomira Basheva.

The first performance of “Joan of Arc” will be on September 8 at 7:00 p.m. The play examines the contrast between the world of power and strength and the world of the girl Jeanne, who with her charm and trust in God leads the army into battle. With vivid images and memorable paintings, the performance examines the theme of holiness and its place in the world through the ages to the present day.

The stand-up comedy “Homeopathy for the Soul” of Dimitar Ivanov-Capitana will be presented on the open stage of REMO “Eter” on September 17 at 7:00 p.m.
On September 13, at 7:00 p.m., Nikolay Gunderov’s documentary comedy “The Testament of Marko Totev” will be in the theater. With his unique style and humor, Nikolay Gunderov tackles the name of Marko Totev, which has become an emblem of failure, and will not leave you indifferent to his life and endeavors.

On September 30, again at 19:00, the Ruse Drama Theater will present its show “Model Home No. 6”. Orlin Dyakov’s author’s play is another comedy that takes place in the home of a family in which everyone is a prominent person, and the lover will have to ask the girl’s hand in marriage from her father, going through his meeting with everyone else. Maya Bezhanska, Filip Avramov, Tatiana Tsvetkova, Yovko Kanev, Ivaylo Draganov and Katerina Borisova take part in the performance.

With the beginning of September, preparations for an edition of the International Theater Festival of Comedy and Satirical Spectacle – Gabrovo 2023 will begin.

The event will take place between April 2 and 7 next year. The theater team will select a series of native titles and weave them into its program with selected performances from abroad.

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