Boyko Rashkov made a GERB hat for the elections

Boyko Rashkov made a GERB hat for the elections
Boyko Rashkov made a GERB hat for the elections

It is too early for predictions and GERB will not be the first political force in the elections – this is how the former interior minister, and now the leader of the list of “We continue the change” (PP) in Pernik, Boyko Rashkov, commented on the latest research of the sociological agency “Trend”. according to which GERB leads PP by 5%.

“Gloomy forecasts for the beginning of the election campaign are exaggerated. The political season will proceed normally and I do not share the concern that there will be any acrimony. There is no room for pessimism. Bulgarian voters have in front of them a promising party capable of taking care of the voters and improving their standard of living”, Rashkov also told Nova TV.

According to him, the recent crisis moments have helped to fade some problems that those in power were seriously dealing with in the two offices last year.

Rashkov emphasized again that serious changes are needed in the Law on KPCONPI. “The commission should get involved in anti-corruption activities. Until now, since its composition was chosen by GERB and DPS, it obligingly did not carry out checks against high-ranking persons”, commented the former interior minister.

He was adamant that if the PP succeeds in forming a government after the elections on October 2, it will continue its work to “restore control over all the structures at the border posts”.

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