Three times higher electricity bills in Kyustendil restaurants, restaurants are closing their doors

02 September 2022, 11:06

Photo: pixabay

The owners of the restaurants in Kyustendil received three times higher electricity bills. Due to the increase in electricity bills and questions about bills for the winter season, a large number of restaurants in the territory of Blagoevgrad and Kyustendil are closing their doors.

“The accounts for August are not out yet, I can give you findings for June and July. In July, we let all the staff at this establishment go on vacation for 10 days. In 20 days, we paid an electricity bill of BGN 19,000, provided that the megawatt hour is BGN 640. A year ago, exactly when the price of electricity started to rise, we paid BGN 120 on the free market. At the moment, the companies we operate with are also on the free market – they constantly send us emails that we are re-signing the contract and that they want deposits”, commented Svetoslav Georgiev – chairman of the Union of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers in Kyustendil to BNT.

Georgiev paid a deposit of BGN 10,000 for the bill in July and has no idea what the invoices will be in the winter. Gas bills have also jumped – up to BGN 4,000 per month.

He stated that if there are no compensations for August, this means that the establishment’s electricity bill will be between BGN 40,000 and 50,000 and this, as well as inflation, will be the reason for the establishments to close their doors.

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