After two demolished buildings: Tobacco City has the status of a cultural asset as of today

After two demolished buildings: Tobacco City has the status of a cultural asset as of today
After two demolished buildings: Tobacco City has the status of a cultural asset as of today

The status of the entire Tobacco City in Plovdiv will be changed from today and the 12 buildings in it will be declared immovable cultural value. The Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov will sign the decision of the expert council, he said during a midnight visit to Plovdiv yesterday. The District Prosecutor’s Office took charge of the demolished tobacco warehouse.

Minister Minekov threatened to force the investors to restore the building to its previous form.

The tobacco warehouse next to Stock Station, at 51 “Hristo Botev” Blvd., which caused the first civil unrest last week, was demolished with excavators last night. The operation was carried out in secret and in a hurry, because of the impending possible ban on its demolition, after its status was changed to a cultural monument.

“In violation of the law, the demolition of the “Tobacco Warehouses” in Plovdiv continues,” reads a statement from the Ministry of Culture from yesterday.

Minister Minekov has informed the Ministry of the Interior.

However, the mayor of the “Central” region, Georgi Stamenov, stated that the law was followed in the demolition of the tobacco warehouse.

“After the signal about the dismantling of the building with heavy equipment, I sent a team of the administration to check the available documentation on the spot. The people have a document from the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage that the building is not a cultural monument and they have taken actions to dismantle it. In this case I can say that the law is respected – in terms of how each building should be dismantled. The question is between the owners of these buildings and between the Ministry of Culture as to what status they have. When they are issued a document that they do not have the status of cultural monuments, they can dispose of their property as they see fit”, the regional mayor told Radio Plovdiv after the demolition of the building on “Hristo Botev” Blvd. and the second visit to the site in Plovdiv by the Acting Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov.

In turn, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Plovdiv reported itself and ordered an investigation into the case and assigned it to the “Economic Police”.

On the basis of all, it will be established whether the actions of the administration and the owner are legal or not. The deadline for completion is one month.

This is the second case of demolition of a tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv. Last week, the demolition of the building at 51 “Hristo Botev” street caused protests, as well as mutual accusations between the municipality of Plovdiv and the NINKN.

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