With a flash mob and tricolor “We continue the change” went to the vote from Plovdiv (photos, video)

– We are faced with a choice – between the backstage of the transition and a changed and new Bulgaria, announced Kiril Petkov

– We want a country where the money goes to the people, not to 8 companies, Asen Vasilev pointed out

– Do we have discipline?

– Yeah!

– Are we one team?

– Yeah!

Thus, more than 300 people, arranged in a block, responded distinctly in the central square in Plovdiv, where “Continuing the Change” launched its national election campaign. She started with a flash mob. All candidates on the lists, as well as supporters, lined up like strings. Those of the first held white placards, the next – green, and the last – red.

After the anthem of Bulgaria sounded, everyone picked up the cardboard and assembled the tricolor. “In this way, we want a better Bulgaria,” the leader of the Plovdiv lista lista Nikola Minchev explained to “24 Chasa”. He, along with Kiril Petkov, Asen Vasilev, Boyko Rashkov, Kalina Konstantinova and Nikolay Denkov were on the front line.
“Ravnis. You’re perfect!” said the host of the ceremony.

When Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev appeared, a woman of a dignified age greeted them with hugs. “My dear children!” said Bistra Marinkina and kissed them.

“They have to finish what they started. They found courage in themselves. They are young, intelligent and energetic. They will need time, but there is hope. I came to support them from the bottom of my heart,” said the pensioner.
During that time, the eternal hits from the beginning of democracy, “Raise your eyes, the world is with us”, as well as “High, high” sounded from the loudspeakers.

“Congratulations, I’m from the old SDS”, Dobri Valchev, the long-time son activist from Plovdiv, shook hands with Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev. “Aha, so you are serious people,” the ex-prime minister replied.
“Today we are faced with a choice – between the backstage of the transition and a changed and new Bulgaria. A Bulgaria of the transition, in which the traffic of poisonous food went for years through Kapitan Andreevo, where pensions did not increase, where there were no kindergartens and they cost a lot of money. New and a changed Bulgaria: the one for which we took the first steps together – to finally increase pensions above the poverty line. We will continue. To make kindergartens free and to invest more there,” Kiril Petkov took the floor.

He said that he promised a woman from Veliko Tarnovo to bring her granddaughter back from Germany and for her to raise her children here. “I promised her because I believe that together we can do it,” added Petkov.

After him, Asen Vasilev stood on the microphone.
“Here, in a few days, we will celebrate the greatest event in the new Bulgarian history – the Unification. This is the event in which Bulgaria has shown that, despite all external forces, it will be independent. It fought for this independence and defended it. Without the Unification there would be no Bulgaria. This is the most Bulgarian act and the way we should conduct our politics,” noted the former finance minister. He added that in the last 7 months before “Change” there were two paths. “The easy one was to ally with the forces of transition, get along with the previous governments, just like it always happened, leave them a poison channel or a feeder here and there and still rule. We chose the hard way because we must once and for all stop this politics of filth, thieving that has brought us to the point where after 33 years we are 7 million instead of 9. It is high time the mafia started leaving our country and not our children. And we can do that only if we say: No, we will not work with the mafia, we will not work with GERB and Borisov!”, said Asen Vassilev. And he added that they want a country where the money goes to the people, not to 8 companies that suck the lifeblood of society.
He warned that this is a long battle, although “Change” has already proven that when it is not stolen, there is money for pensions, and for kindergartens, and for higher allowances for mothers, for more credits for young people and for higher salaries for teachers, doctors and police. “We started to invest in people and their children, instead of stuffing bullion in lockers. What we have to do on October 2 is to finish our work,” Vasilev summarized.

After him, the leader of the list in Plovdiv Nikola Minchev announced that he entered politics “to make Bulgaria a better place to live”. According to him, 1 million pensioners no longer live below the poverty line. “Now is the time to continue our work. It will not be easy. On October 2, we are faced with a decisive choice – whether to make a better Bulgaria or return to the feudalized state of GERB”, he summarized.
The former MP Iskren Mitev, in whose ties there is always a sign hidden, this time he chose a right one with horses. “We are going to a competition, let’s see who will bet on what,” he explained to “24 Hours”.

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