Silistrenets develops an innovative business in Bulgaria

Silistrenets develops an innovative business in Bulgaria
Silistrenets develops an innovative business in Bulgaria

Nikolay Nekov from Silistre, creator of the platform and owner of an agency for marketing solutions, gave an interview for the program “In Development” on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

Since the pandemic, the number of professions that allow remote work has increased significantly, and people are looking for these opportunities more and more. According to our data, more and more people are choosing to combine work with rest and are turning to caravans and camping. This was commented by Nikolay Nekov, creator of the platform and owner of an agency for marketing solutions, on the air of the program “In development” with presenter Veronika Denisova.

“People have realized that they can be productive in many places. The myth of pretending to work outside the office has been debunked, and companies have created processes that make it easy and possible, with many actively encouraging workers to choose that way at work. Our impression is that around 25% of people who book caravans combine holiday with work,” he says.

According to him, even last year there was a trend towards an increase in the number of people working in campsites and caravans, with many of these customers preferring longer stays. “Over 65% of people want to stay at least one month in such a place”.

According to him, campsites are no longer just a low-budget option with basic conditions, but offer complete comfort and amenities. Mid-budget and high-budget options are increasing, with high-budget being the most sought-after and currently almost fully booked by the end of September. “In the past caravan holidays were low end, now most are in the mid to high end, with the high end fully booked,” he says.

Nekov points out that the availability of facilities such as a bathroom, kitchen and high-speed Internet are much more important factors in the choice of customers than the location of the campsite itself. “It is important how convenient the place itself is, not its location. Campsites that have invested more manage to attract more customers,” he is emphatic. “There are places that are closer to the understanding of a villa than a caravan. There are still no places with a private pool, but the campsites are open to this type of partnership, and we are certainly seeing places with a lot of amenities, freedom, proximity to the sea”.

According to him, the conditions in our country are good enough to attract many foreigners from Western Europe, where trips with caravans and campers are much more developed and widespread. Unfortunately, there are not many places available.

“I dare say that if they can get a place the conditions are good, but a lot of the campsites are occupied by caravans who are there long term and difficult to move, so there are not many places for campers. There is something to be desired, so that there can be more variety for such guests with their own caravans and campers. In most campsites by the sea there are not many places, but those that are left free are quite good. In the mountains there are also places, good conditions and opportunities,” says he.

In addition, Nekov points out that legislative restrictions regarding camping hinder the further development of businesses as well as municipalities.

“Certainly, the regulations to date are very restrictive, as the provision of camping is not easily legislated. In many places along the Black Sea, the demand is there and people camp even when it is prohibited, and the municipalities have no legal basis to collect garbage and post guards “The change in the legislation would help many municipalities and regions in the country to receive more guests,” he is emphatic.

Watch the entire conversation in the video.

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