Principals worried: Will children learn in cold classrooms? – Society – Bulgaria

Principals worried: Will children learn in cold classrooms? – Society – Bulgaria
Principals worried: Will children learn in cold classrooms? – Society – Bulgaria

In addition to the energy crisis and before the start of the school year, there are concerns among the directors of schools and kindergartens about whether they will be able to cover the bills during the winter season, as well as whether because of this the children will not have to study online again.

Educational institutions are worried about the news about the ever-increasing prices and wonder how they will provide conditions for children in the winter. BGN 35,000 was the bill of the Veliko Tarnovo school “Vela Blagoeva” for the last heating season. The building is heated by gas. There is also a gas installation, but due to constantly rising prices – it is not used.

“We have so far relied on “Toplofikatsia-Veliko Tarnovo”. If it is not able to fulfill its obligations or its activity due to the price of gas, we will be very worried. I am actually very worried if we have to switch to an alternative fuel”, the director of the school, Angel Yanchev, told Bulgaria ON AIR.

However, while in Tarnovo the schools have the alternative of switching to diesel heating, this is not the case in Dobrich, where all schools are heated with gas systems.

“We follow the price of gas very closely. First of all, we have put a reserve in the budget in case it needs to be updated, and a part of the amount will go to cover this expense. Secondly, however, when there is a danger that Bulgaria will run out of gas, the most important thing that we have commented on is the possibility of switching from gas boilers to electric ones. These are our two options,” said the mayor of the municipality of Dobrich Yordan Yordanov.

Some of the principals of schools in the country are ready to switch to online learning mode as well, if the prices continue to rise and they fail to cover the costs.

According to energy experts, there are still alternative options that are not being used.

“We, since the spring when the natural gas shutdown happened, have repeatedly said that there is time to save ourselves from these forecasts by making the necessary changes by switching to propane-butane. This gas is much cheaper.” pointed out the energy expert Ivan Hinovski.

He is adamant that instead of compensation, the money from the state budget should have been invested in the reconstruction of fuel systems in schools, social centers and hospitals.

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