“Old paper for a new book” started in Ruse

“Old paper for a new book” started in Ruse
“Old paper for a new book” started in Ruse

For the seventh time, Ruse will host the national initiative “Old paper for a new book”, which is being held with the support of the Municipality of Ruse and the “Lyuben Karavelov” Regional Library. The campaign, organized by “ECOPACK Bulgaria” and “Greenwich” Book Center under the title “Clean and Read”, promotes care for nature and the love of reading.

On September 11, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Svoboda Square /in front of Dunav Hotel/ in Ruse, every child who brings an adult companion with at least 5 kg of old paper for recycling will receive a new children’s book of their choice, as well as gifts from the partners of the initiative. A surprise has been prepared for all children who brought an extra 5 kg of paper for recycling – the special edition of the “Guardians of the Planet” cause. The book is full of facts, activities and tips for protecting the environment – from composting and reducing plastic use to cleaning up beaches and helping wildlife. Thus, a child can receive a maximum of two books during the holiday.

For a good mood, a special program has been organized with the participation of young talents from the Children’s and Youth Folk Ensemble “Zornitsa”, the Folk Ensemble “Zdravets”, the School of Folk Singing, the Children’s Vocal Group “Slantse”, the Sports Dance Club “Nastroenie”. All ensembles and formations are part of the Municipal Children’s Center for Culture and Art.

The beginning of the “Old paper for a new book” cause was set on September 15, 2013. The organizers “Greenwich” Book Center and “ECOPACK Bulgaria” and the partners of “Old paper for a new book” united around the idea that every child is important more from an early age to learn to take care of nature, collect waste separately and have a special attitude to books and reading.

For six years now, the Municipality of Ruse has been among the record holders of the initiative – in total 13,634 children from Ruse have betrayed 73.2 tons old paper and thus saved from being cut down 952 trees. In return, small eco-activists have received more than 16,830 new books.

Partners of the “Old paper for a new book” campaign are “Enthusiast” publishing house and “Cultural Perspectives” foundation.

The cause is supported by the publishing houses “TRUD”, “EGMONT”, “Knigomania”, “Hermes”, “Prosveta”, “Artline studios”, “FYUT”, “Golden Duck”, and by “Albo Group”.

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